Monday, August 10, 2015

Shipping Knews

What if the Story is being lived Wall being told,
is that then the bear ring of the Finger`d staple lipped,
inch the Measure touch the Wells is Ore sun of detailed,
can that brisk be of the Cough to milk the bring Ur sive`d.

Know coral detail as the Reef be lo The Storm,
lightning on that pew Brought is pier though for Tee Won,
dish that touching Sat a Lite and harp the found to See,
a grow Sir is the BDSM and the Require goes to Mail.

Imagine on the brain the Mind that speaks to Shop,
the Cover on the lid is the Screw down of the Stop,
shall the beach born a Name of City bye the came,
for in the Reality the Numbers is Its thumb.

Con the Cork to bottle Message and teach the taught Say sting,
a be in the mower and the lawn of engine Sing,
glory Glory on the Mountain a Valley burped to belch,
than the Hiccup said to burp that the coffee is a Lot.

the green tow Mate tows the dumps and the Junk to yacht,
is than the wheel in the sky or is the aye be stunned,
fore in that is the Ages of the Cycles on the Egypt shun,
at sad dull is the Chicken & the littles spoke of gum

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