Monday, August 10, 2015

The Smile Doe`s Bill Pull Men

On the Day of Once up Ton a Taurus the Be state to that Bright of Hug and Len,
the eye of the Brow touch the lip,
language on that the Tongue.

Is the Saddle on the Harness the Stirrup of the Ground ore is that the Feat of a Store,
take that the Idle dip of this Armor to that Shoulder of the Empties,
movies Shows those To Doll Lar tills,
make the Script and re-Read the bust!!

In that this Did to those Worn with True,
a Scribe is the Production of the Life that Swore,
tell the Fix that Some of the terribles Walk the dance to Waltz Time.

Eye Merry that with The knows & be leap to Frogs a lip Ping,
that Pong on the ding A ling to that Would have like have been But rather`d the different to a Squeal,
the Oil on the Greece to touch stone the Lawns.

Pins that role those Law yore,
a taster on the film to the Muscle,
strong are the Blocks to true Nor,
for the Read hare is the Hobbit and the People its break!!

From this to that to the Work of no Adle,
the Spat U la is the Farther to the Communication of lake,
that Sword on the Forged in that Hi Rise Hill ton,
than Lombard is the Known and the Van Ness is a Stow.

Golden gate Park or staple is the Oh an A Limb pick or the basis of Steel,
the Haight in the 60's LSD flash Back,
did the Wake be Come over the Release on that Memory for Tum.

In my Condition the condition of the Condition It is Inn,
remember the Stipulation and the Ash Bury still,
gone is Out and closed is Close,
Up threw Up to down the Bale of the Wire on the Enter web detail`d.

Than Again fin A gain to Act Cent is the Presence of Most at the Masonic,
blood Banks to drain that Sync on the Spay representing Hollywood as the baste of Gate Way,
in the Ferry or is on that Bay to the Alcatraz,
a person said to be Sincere is the Yours Truly good Play`d.

Talk a Storm and Geary that Address,
mark the Hop Kin and say to the Sill,
does the Peer to a Care a Saul just Magistrate to Hymn,
or is the Chorus the liberal to Stem.

A tell Phone in foot Heel the Horse on this slide,
a three day Eventer is the balance will sail,
for in the Cross-Country that Stay dee Um beet,
a guard den for Stable and the Breeze for the sheet.

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