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MELBA MEAKIN ~ San Francisco, CA — President for Horses In California Inc.


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Horses in California Inc. presents a vision 
for equestrian sports in urban parks  

   SAN FRANCISCO, CASeptember 17, 2006 – Horses in California Inc., which has offered riding lessons for disabled children in San Francisco since 1987, envisions a time when the city would offer equestrian programs – riding, jumping, vaulting, dressage – to schoolchildren throughout the city.

    Melba Meakin, co-founder of the San Francisco nonprofit organization, said the city already has the perfect venues for such programs – McLaren Park and Golden Gate Park. 

    Meakin proposes restoring the stables at McLaren Park, which were demolished in 1957, and creating a premier 21st Century boarding and riding school, a complex that would become the crown jewel of riding academies in the nation. 

    In addition to providing equestrian programs for children from all socioeconomic levels, the McLaren Park Riding Stables would prepare athletes to compete in international events, including the Olympics. 

    Meakin also proposes establishing a world-class championship vaulting school at the Golden Gate Park Stables, which have been closed for five years. The school would offer physical education classes for children attending public schools in San Francisco. 

    Vaulting is a sport in which riders perform gymnastics and dance on a moving horse, alone or as a member of a team. Like other equestrian sports, vaulting teaches responsibility, trust and self-confidence. It helps children develop balance and strength, and overcome social and attention problems. 

   Children with special needs, including those with varying degrees of autism, thrive in vaulting performance and competition. 

    Children who take classes at the Golden Gate Park Stables could compete in local, state, national and international events. 

     To fund the restoration of the McLaren Park Riding Stables, Meakin proposes establishing the San Francisco Bay International, a three day crosscountry equestrian competition to be held in San Bruno Mountain State Park in San Mateo County. Comparable events in England annually attract up to 300,000 spectators. The course would not cause environmental damage in the park. 

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