Monday, August 10, 2015

Nine Ten E Levin

Sew take the Stories of the Hollywood product Shun lot & Scrabble Truth my Nail,
that Script of the Real to the Scribe of the Sleet in that is the Borrow of lives on the cent,
this is the Island and the Blues by the hodge,
a Pen inch the Don Key to Spark the Absent Sale`d,
for on that is the Difference in the know of 'The Fix Turned',
a Cistern to Sump on that Lope of the pony bye logged.

Did that Tell it On the Air HBO show Time,
is the Stars bringing Silent to the Lambs by the Sell,
is the History for the Stage to learn of the Tower,
in the Babble of Languish is the Temple`d being Bell!!

Ringing out The Wash is the Flash flooding on Deep tail,
the Snake of the hose to the Posture of the sprout,
that is the Tub in the Handle to a Scrub,
a Miss Shunned to bring lather and the Sweats to the Faced.

Heave are the lung`d to Sing in a Swail,
Xerox to the Canon and Film on the Laced,
buckle My shoe that is the Sand doll,
grains in measure the salts.

Pea pod bag pipes Balls on the falls,
water in the River speaking Mal between the Fail,
for the grout of Trigger that silver gold be Well`d,
a due Over to taste the basic is being of Deed tale!!

Should the Variable be of the String a Long to this is lived,
a City buy the Kid and the Gough of a shade,
park for the Clement a House on that Cable,
to the Station of the bart is the Pay phone of Shout!!

Yet Wah is of the dish to China Town enthralled,
North Beach is Baker Beach and that is on the shawl,
back Alley garbage Dump stir to diving with the Gaul,
oh for the weight in the better best of Cow.

Pick talk and that Make shore to be of a Sail,
the row of the ore is the feat tow a bale,
wire is the string and the tap a shoulder pail,
buck its for this are the Fax to add this backed.

'For the General Information on the Above picture Cools'

Tiburon, CA ferry building and train station

Built in 1886 by the San Francisco & North Pacific Railroad that later became part of Northwestern Pacific Railroad. At that time all rail traffic to or from San Francisco and the north coast of California transferred from ferry to rail here. Used as both a passenger and freight depot until 1909 when it became freight only.

Located in an absolutely beautiful park/residential setting with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I could live here! (but I can't afford it.....)

Muse see Um free in the Now.

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