Monday, August 10, 2015

To Thousand Years Of Cycling

The trouble of 'The Chant' that to Many persons do In this World has a Timing,
as the World spins sew Does the words of the Repeat,
on to that landing is the Change verse to An exchange in the Bust,
should the rink beet touched Garden that will Apple Tree.

The Orange A Peel is a Zip per the Branch of loft,
in lull a bye to the Mind in con A brush box in Shrubbed,
can the String the enter Ring and that is plates to a brains being,
now at that the Wake on the rise is No horizon but the dawning.

Shells to Conch the Ear with walk Standing to sleep in the dreaming State hood,
is that the Numbers mark to Exit dust,
well in the prison Shoe of Hue thy breast shakes A turkey,
the Style so Said in dressed that the Stuffing is of bread.

Teach Not what the Freeze will do to Ewe,
Ice Cream and dee Cert. is the Dangerous of the Roy,
steak on the Potatoes or a platter of the sigh a Knoll la is braking the Pad at Flats,
buffalo to hide Control Will find that Terrible is the Introduction to The Web Feat.

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