Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dare Me Devil

At back the Vertebrae of spine in release bearings compass,
Universal globe of Talkie,
A voice in brake the hip bone skit,
too elbow mania a ankle.

Stock Tank from Waist water to lane
river rein once flash floods
cactus to prick and Needle stick
the cavern inch echo dee vine!!

Pulley stump to Clyde,
the Chim^pan^Zee of Chim chim Cha Roo!!

Hop skip Rump the Mind on The felt,
a deer to buck seasons on Lilt!!

Show touch the Winter of spring sell,
a Purdie design that Galaxy Serious,
charge tells a Flame Dragons raised
out to the fire Know frozen.

Language clear Tongue Creature
night Mares behind speak
dust jack It told speaker pre Vale
hours off Min. ewe Etts.

Roll stone A said the Brain skull cross
write with a Plause Able course,
the knob of a dress Ore to Planets be floor,
that stay a Bout tack Horse!!

Satchel the Pack fore Shoulders took good,
made of the KAP shun to Sound,
Art a Vice spelling Throat state,
move with the Bowel of Base Mint!!

Written 8/12/15 at 10.56 am

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