Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Its Hi^Fun^Aid^Ed

All in History don't talk buy Priest as Rounds to Religious drag^on,
Ask a Hoarse to call,
dial that Corn,
Pat See of a Fee Uld,
discover Nice Telling neet Ex^apt.

Rice Wind Mill Trains bronze a Sign,
stature off Mar bowl A Mixture ore Rig,
turtle shall Whale the You Knee Verse song,
Tanks Action Hand dull.

Message a Palm the Try of shame,
trembles earth the Owe shun of a kong,
giant ape the ba Na na An Absinthe Screen,
key Once a sigh Cull now Wall-Ups a Tong.

The Pinch in gate a Dimensional Pong,
ping is a Sound the Bell toke in longs,
tum Ole stow that Hinge Ankle Wrist,
fore Arm Head throng Measures Ayes of fawn.

Dough Now the Flowers skunks dear,
stones Rock salt the Sees of a Reef,
tide All without a Chart Air Ports thus Cloud,
Wow the Sky Shapes.

Written on August 11th, 2015

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