Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Maze Of Sweet Rice

Should the barrel of the human trunk in habit gut,
a tell on the mind for the base spine,
communicate in foot to the vibration of knee,
a hip stirred to modulate the antennae of Hand!

Should the grounding of an ear Conch shall horn,
flower of the bloom touch the know,
are Knot hours Minuets with shoulders of the Wait,
is a clock the tower or the language on the tongue.

Speech inn body the mined of sole,
with out a disturbance does the shower snow,
burr of the Hue Man it tea a cup order,
a sauce sir off Spice indicative of Spiced!!

Should a hood be a Skull & the the thick boney bull,
does a bran^Sun Moon jumping Spoon,
nigh in the horizon at lift to Equal stone,
layered While the Thought ain't given a Stem.

Written on August 11th, 2015

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