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*Heart Of Oaks Books ~ The An`d

Eight spake a Wheel for Mat,
tumbler rote tary,
a bile thrust the Whistle Must owe what of Thrush Perfume,

     said of a bald Win bloom!!

Treat A Talk bough limb Burr,
anxious NOT at Storm,
sigh clone Virtue Ram bowl`d Pour`N,
odd Tell amongst dye corn,

     State of Discern Meant!!

Teak an Gush stream River steam oh Volcanic cream,
Molt Ten Rock the Big EST trot Posting with a Shin.

Took Snot to CRY a Broad Mane Stork,
a Horse at Rabbit seek,
too Bounce the Know stride Grid work adorn An ride until its shore.

     Per Form a Statute!!

TARK - 'Heart of Oak Books' page 68


     A Mouse ran by chance into the mouth of a 
Lion who lay asleep.

     The Lion got up, and was just going to eat
him, when the poor Mouse asked to be let
go, saying, " If I am let go, I shall not forget

     So, with a smile the Lion let him go.

     Soon the Lion was saved by the Mouse, who
did not forget him ; for when some men had
caught him, and had tied him with ropes to a 
tree, the Mouse heard him roar, and came and 
gnawed the ropes, and let the Lion go, saying,
" You smiled at me once, as if I could not do you
any good turn ; but now, you see, it is you who
cannot forget me."


     THE text of the melodies is chosen from Mother Goose collections in Har-
vard College Library.   One of the most prolific sources, of course, has been
" The Nursery Rhymes of England, chosen principally from Oral Tradition,
edited by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq."   In the preface to the first edition,
printed for the Percy Society, London, 1842 the editor says, " If we had
an creditable sources of information, it would be a subject worthy of in-
vestigation to ascertain the origin of the popularity of these national nursery
melodies ; but, like most other branches of popular literature and traditional
anecdotes, their history is wrapped up in great obscurity.   We can ascertain
that they have been current in our nurseries for nearly two centuries, in all
parts of England, under forms very slightly differing from each other ; but
more than this we know not.

(continue reading on page 105)

edited by Charles Eliot Norton
First Book
Ryhmes, Jingles, and Fables
revised edition illustrated

D. C. Heath & Co., Publishers
Boston ~ New York ~ Chicago

Copyright, 1895 1902,
by Charles Eliot Norton.



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