Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nero's Spur


Inn years gone to the Ask clay that skirt of A Vale look Bull to the tusk of the Antlers settle,
fox and the Coyote to howling dogs A Cat table Card game and the Acer in the Whole,
pole to a Flag and that is the Curl singing dial Fowl is the Owl of this ground.

Coop that Roster and bring the Ladder paint,
pick a Sync of Signal the lighthouse of the sent,
at I speak of the Structure to a loop Per pour`N cock Tale,
shall that beach sand detail decision on the strong!!

Ray in the dawn a Van that sneak key Pete to pool,
the Nine or an Eight ball the Game of goods and Vent,
fire in the Crown to memory shake the Salt,
sandy from the Call owe gee and Shipping knews to Tent.

A struck that is the lightening a thunder core to sound,
echoes in that bound are read is Newspapers on the soy,
a Wafer for the crumb and sourdough to seed,
the Ain Core is that Sailing in Mind a Full be Long.

Hadron is a par Tee shroud the ices for that Cole,
jazz quest to a gorge and the vague balloons of linked,
to harness at the shoulder pass an be leave a bull to rink,
latitude marks Long Ba Toot to Ages of the shore.

Bough of timber Cool chill glacier is knot the snarl Combed,
that brush with box to Tools of thought is Numbers in a Fourth,
to 5th delve on the place of planets speech reed turns,
whom is the Well as the Rook curr`d is the bourne.

A Thoroughbred by the Name of Zest,
an Egyptian Mau by the Name of Ra,
and a Giant read Doberman named Apollo!!