Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2/2016 The Date ~ 4:27 AM The Time To Say Good Morning To Each And Every Perk, The Awe^Mish!!

Cure E! US curious The National method is to Operator the Virtue of the Extra 'X'^Straw Stair,
The Wik A Pea dee uh is like that Waltz of Fathom to enter Sept.^shin on the Big Grate Bald,
goods for the Dye ready self from the called,
get to that See 'V' S on bee bee See??,
owe Well the deep Grade to Turn Mow bowl??,
from side to side the Reader's Digest??,
oop's Aye Mean did that Picture Talk or speak to Ewe??.

Fields of The dreams that Built a Mighty Mountain on the Vast differences in Shore,
that is the single grain of sand,
the beauty of a dialing on the waves of the Owe Shins magnificent Roar!!
Hear do State of Thank all of those Incredible people in Iowa,
that Beautiful tempo to stride the American towards Onward Forward!!
the grip and that grasp of singing wherever We go.

Just Love!! for Ever & eh Day!!

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