Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Remember The View 'Cause It Was Not A Drive Through As A Thoroughfare To Task It Was Like Mattel??

Too Whom this is the Fax on the Matter of the Operation of Safeway to register Big stunk,
the truth of that Cash Ear is to Know thee Measure of the Coin to that slot Dry Ear??,
is the Person Whom is not filling Shelves rather Filing Goods is Of Tremendous turns!!,
these Compass Leeks of Soup bisque Sell or Reed Off flutes??,
nigh the Show of Wall Street Commercial to the Market of the See e! Owe`d.

Stern to the Yacht is of the Shipping News as that is the Pot tate Tow to Sa^Ply & duh^Man`d??,
simple Provisions??,
well that Won actual Works Public to that Floor uh to Treat the Stick Up today,
a Card Board display on this Google Blog as Course On Course With choice to Shown.

The syn SUS on the ss is of the Sea Aye Eh??,
what of the Animal per Cap uh Tug??,
is the Cans lei Bull a Moose for the Dawn Key of Political??,
is that In sure Hence of the Vat vapor or Smoke Keen gun??,
Tride & True Thoroughs bread And butter.

The A mount that I first Person witnessed at PetsMart as a Real Store Director was off Counter as Well as On,
the piece to that is the RSVP??,
at invitation the bell on the Cage of the Cat Litter to the Food paid for buy the Store itself.

Doe Nation of the two Weak stone is the Flush EAN,
as the turn Over came from Freeze to Ill as the Sheet rode Wide Highs on Reverb,
vibration to that is And Talked of Sammy's Pet World base ground of the Tact??,
no that was the Animal Connection of Levi to the Beanbag chair of rats a Tack`d,
perfect to the expression of the Train kneeing to Station An early Warn Kneeing System Mat tick Pulse??,
what say Sam to Brian should the Value giant while Giant Values the Fish EAN sole??,
that is the At Vantage to the Bus??,
no but It end dead the Stocktank of a Pond to Lake Street as Keys of Derby cent to that leash a Call lure on lag.

Wares of Rye^An brought much More that salt Water and reef,
it was the said a Meant that said to the Dock Watch the go??,
reality Knew of the Spray & yet did not Suffer Aye Deed the Trust as a language of Piercing,
these Kinds of tip A Cole singers have a Lyrics to bring a Calm be From the storm,
for in the deal??,
or is it Cope??,
or is the lisp a stumble on the dued??,
ding Dong the Twinkie is the spark Call of the Grands on the Out Tour skirts,
a dance of a waltz that made the world Wool Worths the Ice Cream Can dee of a dream EAN squirrels Perch!!

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