Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whose You're Trainer??

The Hear on the Bell is that Obvious damage of the Shingle on the Lathe of this Torn,
it is not that Ring??,
is It than the Lag??,
should the People believe that singing is not that truth than the voice is in the booth,
it is auditioned for the cyclone to touch down on the fluster of only Hey bust Tour,
Stretch this note to Boast??,
yawn for the Lie On??,
dig for the Swells?,
no thats just a Tongue on language be Lo the thimble of a Ball.

Try Tread it is the Heel on the Ride to be of balance inn the Seat of the Timing on a Life,
sure that is the Ups the falls and the Waist on water and Muds,
yet in the Troop it is the Compass to Speak and not just blob on a plu Toe to Plan^It Easter too Egg,
scramble Scrabble to Not Not know that words are the Sentences with a dig??,
should the Value be a Flag with Stars and Stripes??,
does no the Stamp of every Each thread conversation to the Tax??.

On the Long length In the Wreath of such Gentle sigh Its that Breadth to Ageless Beats,
a rhythm that Can be In Hale to these dark Hours on the Ground dead,
breathing with the Tempo of a Limb??,
burr is the rub on Lives to starve the concentration with that dime Took to boil Frogs and Cause Tick pounds,
shame on the world and the Needle to Demand My Words to say that Yesterday Today provides this as An IM^Pyre stratus Sphere!!

Spoke to Wheel in the Signs??,
Church And State have Marred the United States of America in a Dingle bury,
the chase is no of In cyst Tents its the Booked!!

Where is Justice??,
blinded by the Ban Dan nah of Every Query that ever Sailed to that Statue for the Freedom to answer a Constitutions Steep,
pull the Pen!!,
Gauge the Delivery!!
these are the Days of Our Lives being Raised to Skill!!,
ore the globe Bowl with mild Chew to Operation lie.