Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Buy George More^Us!!!

Lets see Set Zero once now a Pong,
the Ping said Rick and that went Tick E!,
sew than the Fact tore Raised a bored.

Cheese and Wine??,
a bit of Spaghetti??,
a West Turn to No??,
how many Doll lips Does the Dew Duh Dap Pole??.

As The Horse is a Riding sport to State of the Saw 'V'^Whren what say the Saddle??,
a Cinch or a girth,
a Notch or the Whole that Bridles are the Snaffle bits that Curbs are chains or Leather strapped??,
which is the Best of Show touch Chin that Classic coal??,
an Avenue or the Dust??.

The Queens a Defining Tune,
pride and those Letters to the Crown,
speak with Mars to say that the Jukebox Is a Clue.

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