Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Light Hoarseman??

List In the Wind is the Whisper of the Steam as the Kettle told of the Brights,
lights upon the avenue of blood,
throats cut to that pour,
down the gutter to the choke EAN of Express Shin,
since that is the Maps on those Charts tears I brave choice to Shame you.

Since Iowa Stood to Falls it is the Strength of Kennedy on the will to Provide the Staggering,
watch the Cause heat to beat the Suns burn to a Tan,
Moons on the shadows of every Berth shallow,
a Pier chins to clock Sting in as that is the Symphony of what I due believe An Or dure!!

Challenge the Wisdom of the Plough to the Farmers Terminology on the grounds dirt with Fertile Eyes Ore,
this is the Fact that People can be of the Seed,
rise to the dawn of Horror Eyes in and Gallop the Pole its the Flag on despair.

Rocks that have Carvings to the Coin,
those Heads know Tales??,
only in the Virtue of the Change,
thats the stone of Mints that date and Plural a deep Decide to communicate LIVE,
this is not the halve pass to the Whole in the Wall,
its the Street of Tab err Knack call.

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