Friday, February 12, 2016

Call^In^Bine Hi School

Dye an Munch House^In buy Proxy is the enter Vein of done at the cause Too^Wards of Eh^Flick^t^Shin,
sue^a^side is a Tub or the Hanging Plant??,
is that so dial that the Soap on the drain of bleed^Den says the Blood is washed a Way??,
should that Took to the Take of Christian Blake loose that Thee blade is Shave EAN stub Bull:dead??.

In the How can Be^leaf be of the Leaves on the tum^Mass of get a look to cream a Pool,
dig that dig:knee Tea and say that the Dam is of the Oils rig on the drill per sad??,
additional Minute broke^In to that ear as in Personal my best Friend left a Tag.

It twas a bit Confucius to Take day but than Of Course this Country must Commercial the lap Crop,
top^Ping the News this AM Radio ran the court Tell on the channel of this log,
soaked with vehement draining with lease I have recorded that soup in an absence of aye still live,
Talk Radio 910 is Not an Acid speak for tick TOK on their Knews.

Theory of Knowledge is a Wave to Announce the OH^SHIN!!

The bumble bee shoulders a gentle gasp with the in Hail of a nest to relive that Pews shoe^in,
as the squirt went to Fizz a shake:kin Keens glib to absent the Map others as the bring apron Sku.

Grave Dig grrs on the National Media On ABC, CBS and NBC do you Choice Awards to Further the Hammer on the Nails close^duh??,
does it Wet your lips??,
did it come to the sit??,
envelope that wrestle to wriggle legs on the Spot as concert^Tina or an Gull rot??,
Speak^Inn with Vowel^In^Tines Daze on Store Chalk^Lets and shh^More's All on the dress^Sing a choir??,
aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh for the broom to Rake method on Shirt.

Whip a the House does the Pope ring a Clear??,
that Glass of water have Full or just Spear??,
it Chew alley it Tee to in gauge with a Hose??,
per Form hints to Whom is Pay`d to increase Words with ED as that is the Education to a diction Air SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As that Punk ran to his Car in the White House rib Popped,
the News on the Nationals Had to Have Had a stomach full of Scotch,
the ice cubed with Office and Chills gave it pocks What is a Con^Ta^Jung should the Library of Congressional Bill???????????????????????

Rather on that That was the Fall^owe^Wing NOUN,
Hap pens to Hap Pea vowel in Times day with dowel and spools plate,
that those treat Trick ken with will do it live,
should have shown the wheat that grass is not thick^curr.

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