Friday, February 12, 2016

Does The World Know These Fill^Ease??

An^Tie^Dee^PRESS^hence to the Words of National Broad casting is real it Tee gone LIVE??,
for the broadcasters are on the air at a liquid secretary of off the wire to concert Tee nah of act shin??,
that is the tick ka tape to the Wall Street con Fusion as the method of the lips,
to know of the run on the bank keen back doors is to average the bowel hints to sump??,
its the Mill it tare read on the Wrist to staple the Screen to a regular schedule^walled Pro^Gram??!! at sir Vail lents.

Change the Pork to chops and Ream,
a hand job to blow when the jay Oles curd,
cows on the Cat sole bringing a Hem??,
the stitch to the berth of Harbor by penned.

What is Folklore,
wise to the certs,
saying taught sea stomach dye Jest shin??,
the Thumb^ba^lean^Nah.

Whom is on the Turns,
whom is in the Hops,
whom is on the cue ba coal & whom is who Hoot??

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