Friday, February 12, 2016

From Not Long Dead Just Eh Message To Gil Gross About The Bull^Lets Term Mean Kneeings On This Radio Static On The 1960's Back In The Shake Of Seeing E!^Rat^Tick^Call

What is the True short File on the String??,
is it that Message in the bin??,
a send on the central of a Mind on the Bends??,
it is the Pads fleet to a Scar??,
is it the Sheet Music to the Barf on you're Rib??,
took to that the Streets,
is the Alley a Stir dump Or is it the Galley??,
should the Kit chin to a Lay bowl??,
does the Mixture gather a Coal Lect. Shin??,
is dive bringing a rinse to that brain??.

What is that Rat??,
is it Speak KING??,
should that Tongue fallow Language??,
deep ride to Touch??,
spread the special??,
take it cut it and drink It Down, UP UP UP Up per. The Platter jeep Purrs,
these are the story reeds??,
a flout Taste of How the Strung Method to a dig.

Now  this World is pass Sing a pass Port to Met a coal fee Ma's on the AGE of PLANET EARTH??,
the Cause and that Fleet of Fleas??,
hip Pea hop Pen to Tiers??,
Wise is the Roost to Stir a Med. Dull Plaque Curr to Tree Explain the Shelves of Fact Tore Read!!?
is It a Question of the mark,
or is the bee lo a stride to the strudel,
car Mel on creek Kin brooks by the Rivers smiled.

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