Friday, February 12, 2016

Sum TimesThe Hardest Part Of The Journey Is Believing Yore Were^Thee??

Dawn to Not wondering what that radio Host that both is a Talk key and a Film,
the Name E!^Lewd's mi Song on the core of an Anchor to that depth of the Well,
like the deep Tell of the Glenn on a Forest Tree leans to that Cave.

Does the Cent to the Skate true to the Host as the Scene on the Stage is a bit Piece on cheek^Key,
cool to the jets on that sit^Tea bye the see,
but the DAM is Pigeon language to Message in a Bottle,
to scribe with the Room as broad ask the Elephant,
trumpets and Trombones to sound ding Saxophone by sleeve.

Safety to that Sure is dial Lens be Grade as the You knee Verse sit Tee has grown to its blink,
in the quick of that Watts long^line^Kneeing to the Square from Best of Show^Win as Show^Pan corks A Name.

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