Friday, February 12, 2016

What Fir??

Gee Mister Blue Jeans did the Together family Talk,
it was a day of the dead Rinse as the Catholic Pope Shout??,
hour on the Church to terror a Firm eh??,
now that the Hands are on the Clock bare Ole,
it is the basket Weave to Touch that subject on the Mend??,
this is the Catholic Dye^A^Sees.

There it is as Players taste the spice of Watts on the bulb of the Won aye^duh Snake of religious Dog MAA!!,
turn to the Record and grip the Grind ding as that is the Towel of sweats on Sex ooo Awl trans Mission!!

The Reaper,
that dark snarl lean to Pews and Peep pills on Trade Prey Ur for the The Pray,
seep a drank on the chalice of why the Coil is lease to the Crowds and put to the Robes,
its a Cloak Room!!

Horns and Trump pets to Stroke that stride like the Aye Ole had a Shroud,
in the dee Vine wine and Grape pads to the Foot pet Toll,
strip Pen to the Scroll,
as that is read like a spy on that Harp.

Strings with a sit Tight on the Booth,
oh for that long Shore cent to Wrest pond,
its the start.

Priest in the all Tour as the Awe^dee^OWE^hints drip the Cyst Tea`N chap Pole,
sure that driver is a gulp but Whom is Horn Knee toads on the Goats of big Bling??,
it is that Turkey on Thanks giving Christmas and Easter from egg Hard boils and plops of Sud,
yep spoke the Cow Tau on the Viper of the Hymn a Lei In,
trip Pin to Announce the A^Pro^Pre^Ate^Shuns and a dock It to the Pew pull of Vapor and Tents.

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