Wednesday, May 25, 2016

& 7 Billion In The World, Finding That Won As Oh.Sigh.RIS Spring, Still As The Picture In My Mind, Still looking For The Find, Be Sure To Look To the Done As Four Corners Of This Earth Was The Shore That Made Evident The Tile To Known Wanker As The Full Of What Said (well thats personal after this many Millenia now isnt' it) In The Midst Of The Lost And To Value That Lock On The Times Of Ages To The Sword, To The Warred, To The Love, To The Magic, To The Words That State A Names Vocation, And, To The Lakes Forge!! Its The Wave Of Reality In The Stars To Know Home On The Range!!!

The Sun sets at 7:55 PM today the 25th of May 2016,
the beach and the breeze of those waves on the oh.shins' shores,
to that is the drive on a cause to dig my excitement on the surprise,
dolphins swimming the raised on who knows maybe a whale will big hello,
for sure the Surfers venture the shore of that comforting settle meant to introduce the view,
the taglines on the certificate of James Blunt and his shoe,
just think its as easy a speak as the post.stir boy hear.rows!!

Pad.lean to place the find,
a life with all time scene,
never knowing for the dish,
but defining in that spoon.kneeing??,
I love to cuddle I love to listen,
the event of privacy is important to aye.

Now at the meet tea or the picnic basket sand which will be the evident radio on played,
make keen a hold.stir or being the singers Feat,
for all do know that James Blunt roared to dip the stick inside the for to make that bar stool nap kin beep,
than the flight to good ole tour,
such grade of curve for learned and a door,duh,
like a man.a.kin to state that thanks old boy for you're the rank and the file goes to spank,
do it Well do it slow and in the midst of all that Show??
just try being yourself minus the agenda to get to know the person face to face,
not crutch to puss.see as that purr for crater on the valley of the dolls as the coin in the Tales on heads and rails.

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