Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Its Just A Trip

Torn oceans on Tides of Humanities need for turf to problem shores with deck,
shells of ribbons that show the sleeves of pebbles once rocks rolling form lathes,
sands that grace the memory of smitten by the grain of shaped,
steep mountains that traveled the heights to the sweet salt air on the waves.

Striding the Time in Ages of Era,
the enhanced value of measure in deep towers of silent languages as the Toll,
ground down to speaks truth of worn by weather and the rains mold,
rivers to creeks raising the earn to float till la on the song of lyricist of smiling stone in the carve of arches,
the cliff notes the sharp detail.

Once the lanes of roads,
now on the swell shipping lanes file,
filling a chart to market the traveling bells of foghorns as the echo once a word,
in quiet mice the sides of Iron to the welds of Make Shift a staff of Light rein,
computers lap the top of the Mark as the hop.kins says table for lunge.

Rounding the chore to see the grin,
each parting is the sail of bill.lo,
a harness of a track that grew the fine to draw a still mill,
lumbering with timbers that logged the miles as the short skit on a suits able.

On the clock of Hands the big bends,
the planets yawn the morning,
evening is the fathom,
a galaxy is glacier in discovery for the adventurous sung,
the sing is excitement to feather flights with memorized paths to star handles and grand tells,
for the length of departure to the arrival of lend,
lodge the ease as whatever floats your boat,
as the gravity of situation to the mind is as the brain connects a story to the energy it takes to be.leave it.

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