Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When You Don't Know What To Do And The Ignoring Of All I Write Is Answered With Silence, Than The Journal Is A Gain To The Trip Down That Same Rein: Its a Direct Shin!!!

So since my name is nobody and the shirts are for the sleeves,
the rum or the event to do the bed,
become a singer,
the threads on that pant,
place license to the fact or behave to treasures lost,
the way to the oh.shin is to be in the covers,
speak the easy and make a step to what is on the clover tale.

The days of Thunder to the lighthouse Ride,
mount the advertisement and look for the stand,
to know of use to do the thing that others scene ignorant Ping,
best to go and look for said than do it like the ole days wrist,
a walk down the street to no for money hi err,
a good smile the cheek.key piece and thats the path of this poe.leased??

No its just the beginning of example by the work it out to fall for strobe,
than invite the pleasure felt to score the life with lets go out,
move.ease and the dinner sound,
there is no echo to tunnel,
eye to eye to solve the puzzle with no riddle for the billet.

Tighten cinch,
saddle tied,
where the clothes as usual for the body fit of self these are the bell lo's to say not stealth,
for in 2016 it is May and weather Summer,
this time of year is meeting clear and letting the cards fall where they play.

Since my lingo goes to truth the compass of the missed,
at least I'll know I'm doing a ground did way,
from this to now to go the row is to rooster ankles brain,
for now I just watch tell a vision and that is not getting done,
so instead of sitting on my brae the Worlds wadding and I am game.

Thorough to the kidnap view as I was taken twice as a small before the age of Five,
San Francisco is now Name changed so I'll join the fill with whats a style,
skinny enough to brush my hare for at least I know the pay,
its life!!

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