Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Even Got A Tagline For the Pickup on Music & Lyrics For The Cruise To The Nigh.Key Whom Did Say 'Just Do It'!!!

Just finished watching the Movie 'Serenity' for the Um tee`nth Time,
the video of a photograph to getting something done,
best to do it as that is the shore today,
take a walk on the Wild side and Answer with Okay!!

Now the bed sheets doing a good timely raised,
made of honor to do deed so that that drink is Ices wrote,
the verse to verse the trail Hot,
heat is just the Hoover in touch the place and speak a Based??,
that is the Dial on the Tone to what just called my hardline phone,
is who there??,
I almost fall from Tooth so I asked again to be of booth and certainly to be Clear for Tom Cruise and his Piers,
the voice said sure enough McClane isn't there,
the answer of that is the in convenient gear.

The gear so flavored with Spice Trades,
how quick the sand is on the Stray,
dog pad.lean to decision sure enough its on the Song!!

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