Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Step Cyst.Stirs

For the facts that earth is off the big bam booze sole to understand that mechanic,
should the brain on the Mind of reason know that said is of done,
that the skip to the due.dull is of script ready on the hand.

Than the songs would in.courage raise a music theme,
that would ride o the boats of a sky scene,
to that is the sailors tell,
a certain be can comprehend the measure of what deny has brung.

Lathe to the shingle of the shoulders carriage,
imagine for a moment that the Human Race was successful in total destruction,
that energy of known to add the now on how much people love to destroy for the bomb,
weapons on the arrival and air from suffocation wiping the entire populous from global be found.

Then on the Solar rigor of measure to the soles,
lost at the no planet as the ploy put blast to every fragment stings,
thus the event on a pebble in the shown,
sand be grand banks,
rivers Valley to the describe of Fashion,
again the dirt shows what has been by natural conversation of the trapped sole in the fin again.

Voices scotch to The Drink of galaxy on the pink,
suns and shards of ice cubes that cause the Cosmos to belong to another form of shrink,
that being done to the now on Humankind??,
the redisant to the glow forks in silver setting on the horror.rise sinned be bow.awe??,
that air.oh gasp to groves,
the Redwoods on explanation to deep Forest of route,
than the weather that Twister or the Cyclone,
to text is the verse.shin that tables the shackles as what is happen.kneeing has had grid to be.Hold??,
vents and Volcanic rose with a particle of dust memories,
the Religions of this World constantly negate the shores of people in state of mention to the times,
yet people by the congregation take at pew in toe.toll wrap.sure the . . . . .


To that is the construct of what is the pen to the nail.lean of a cross,
sect.shin or the . . . .
it is the words that put lie.cents to the of spell.lean a verb.

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