Wednesday, May 25, 2016

To.Day Is Hour Turn And It Is An In.Sin.Knee.Rare.Reed duh.Vice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the lyrics of the working it out for the flight on freeze.Zing,
those lapse of memories to squire the Pigeon choose of everyday People??

Discussion note thing,
than on the quest.chin,
be of the guitar and sing a lit.toll song,
bridge the fret,
strum that picker,
speak on the car.tune and hum the choice a bar??

Touch.Chin Nap.Kins,
numb.burrs and,
how is the 'Y' on this Crop of the Field,
to see.did??

Cheese and Wine??,
perhaps its that liquid salt to the  kit.chin of.Ven??

What is the loc.??,
the Mon.stir of House at the hose of Waist??

Dim lit.Tolls??
or is it the,
sea.prompt computer now a laptop to verse and prose??

Lathe to the Fill.Tour on the Whirled or is World,
country mile to inch of trough as the Drink is the amount of mit.Tin to the anchors of spoof,
sheer speak to the Clippers of hare Cuts on the familiar to the Hoover??

Arches with Stag.err??,
those Mi.Can.Knicks??,
pour.wrist??, with paint.EANs on the sis^tee'N chap.pull to in gauge the grout at a pebbles priced fixture??

Run.kneeing water??,
mouth gags that chore.toll the Avenue of 10th duh.greed to language at bearings of Age Appropriations,
interest on the Wall.Up??,
made of Honor to do Tea.Up with compass width the taste of spice is just The Junk.

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