Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Define Twine From The Bail That The Media Charged!!

Once upon a time just three-weeks ago,
spelling Falls touch chin,
the National Media in love,
Tweets and twittering a bout!!

Now on today November 22^Kenned,
the Year is Two-thousand sixteen,
speak a letter in their head!!

The scene to their bravado,
the shorts to clocking the verses,
does the tent pop Up to fa thar a Loc.??,
for-ist eases to what is a plain for their a^Cues'd??,
yes said the value of the car^role's on the chairs of Anchors wail.lean!!

Be it that the yet^Tea is a snow^mow^be^ole,
the National Media is Said^ding to a larger Stair^rolled,
by their Mush to the Awe^dee^yo the National Media is feeding the sole??,
first the bing for the what is a ping,
than to daze it was wise is the plane of tweeting to a Nation on the every stall swing^in,
the lathe grasp row is not not a per blame??,
bell is ringing at the thresholds of the National Media bored to day Core!!

As their eluding to a Constant on their language to the good old chip off of the flock,
the lights of those tweets are in what kind of talks,
touching roundup the Speech,
for better ef.Y.Aye should not the building of the National Media Pyramid steep to the did,
for have the store.read in compare and the versus makes a stair,
hinting to what is the tact Tiled priest on the syn^Tax of what is the crumb!!

From wink a mow^meant to the story of vista,
would it not be proof of picture Paul^a^Ticks??,
as the New York Times on the Call^Um of Stile,
the doors on the who^tours the raise of the swung??,
a bisque of Peat^Tour and Geppetto for the kiss.sin.jure tongue,
as the trace^is of bridge on a card table lived??,
what thrush is the sod^err bat^tour and strum,
the frost or the Ice is of what is a thumb??

 Too fixture a scour of govern^mint tongue,
this description at watts for the light waves a^dish^shunned as burr^ray^Ting conversation off punned,
a SAT^Tie^Err to the National Media as reports go^wean where is the fund,
than went^tour commercial for fragment to event own^lee ate swung??,
for in Fin it makes to the past dinner and tons,
of marked information that delivered nothing but nah's Trolls to ever be dumb,
the list Tin of ramps that floated to bill^edge,
gave the United States the fill^thee^EST lung to say now balance the sum.mon's while tasting that dunned!!!!!!