Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Attention & For Immediate Release To Tal-y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe As Philip David Meakin Is My Brother And That Makes This More Than Your Serious It Makes O.Rye.Lee Look Like A Flock!!!

Doing Jobs on Ellen Degeneres for that Kardashian on the for a Clock,
the time on the numb.burr is the thorn and the read,
the picture is the education of how to tell thyme,
that the seat on the teeter taught tour is glass of said!!

The Voice said Simon and James Blunt said,
hoo's been jumping on the bed of tool,
pat and ewe prick it & than mark it with a car.knee,
the Sir.Kiss is a Venture with To.Day gone lived??

closed captioning coming from the best of show as the drop knows band,

Well in the Deep Vanity the Mirror got Rock,
that blanket said to hutch that toys are bid??,
in that Bill O'Reilly grabbed the wrap.sure too,
brought to the television something cool.

From deception to the Compass truth of Speak,
closet on the handle and the city skid,
Milk said to be of the Five or Too,
now you will show that wish be crews.

In the Sit.Deed Fact.Door con.Fuse.shun bed,
left for the Feat.Tour to work it lid,
than the Mined came to Shed and Tools said Bid,
what would the song be should the Elephant grid??,
well on the long tooth Jackman splayed,
to what is the hand-hold of his kids be Ford,
therefore on the Public Box that corner crib,
these Mark the Day of the Knight that did the fashion of eh.dress for another life,
to know that a harp is the language rib,
take it to the guard.den??

Until this day the 27th of July the Year of Twenty Sixteen,
ton.knoll Vision has been a blind.did Pib,
Dr. Pepper goes to Pepsi and Coca~Cola rote,
the ridings on the Wall.Wrist with a Vocal Loved!!

Thanks to Ms. Degeneres for Clarity bub,
plumbers and The Producers see a simple V,
that is ever grateful for more's like I,
for the daisy of the style is awfully hot.

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