Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Science Was Considered Occult In Time Of Chris.Chin.Dumb And That Is Now Hour History To The Hollywood Delegate Susan SarandonAt The Price Of Seer.Ease??

A pull Win as a Kid born and raised in The City,
the fact that sex.shoe.all had to be explained,
not ole merry Mac with Silver but Tins down her Back,
yet that get Tea will due for the price of this saying in a Bank!!

First the Hippie once Mill Valley,
second the Child on that sit.deed,
than third the bend on the Rose to Stinson Beach,
the Pat.Tee Cake Pat.Tea Cake Bakers Skid??,
the Intro to the Trans.Sex.Shoe.Awl sewed,
a stitch in chore.Toll at the rig of the Chalk on the Sidewalk to skip!!

Hit the Penny,
Hit the Dime,
Hit the Nickel,
well Eliza Elisa E! lie Saw said,
Hit the Quarter Hit the Quarter Hit the Quarter Bid??,
know that in the City of San Francisco the Movement was not a Beau.lean,
it was as easy as the speak to the comprehension of the Hamster as the song of owl.len Combs,
it brought to the Post of the Horses in the Pass,
quiet as a Mouse and than as Quick as the Bat that the Movie of the Plane the Plain made Italian Dinner,
lady and the fact that the Game of Thrones is as the core of what is a Train,
the Vending Truck to the McDonald at the Price of Ven:Diesel,
a gallon or the dollar or the says its Rum,
Pirates plank:Ten and the Whales of Moby and its drum.