Wednesday, July 27, 2016

E! Quest Trireme Or Is The Cuz^Syn's A Priced Too Awl^Sewn Soup^Per^Hear^Rows??

Y would I gain to that world on the universe in a Cosmic find or is it the drill of learned dug??,
a term in knoll lo gee of what deckland did the porch light harness a laughter??,
was it the cement on the Con^Crete that gave rise to Greece via the sourdough??,
or is the boy owe boy a pool?? 

Spell.lean on that is the Hi.Ole or is it that Hay.Yo.Ole.Lean??,
does the sand in that grit to an Oyster make pearl a Neck strap or lace??,
is that LSD a to the Pre.Script.shun or Shy.Knee to this Galaxy of Prose??,
Ware's in that Australian teach Dew??,
the smoke Signature or that Ob.long list of Monkey Tours??

Dial for the Numbers at the Move.Ease to just etch the Sketchers??,
is it nigh.key or founder,
does that X why Z & make for,
shall the dance be of eh Ven.Ewe or the Sheep in Wool.V's Clothe.EAN!!

Deep to the Fuss is the fuzzy was a bare??,
did that storm make twister of Lemon or lime??,
is the Keep a Lair or the done.gin to the glass of Clarity??,
jingle Ice or jingle Change is what to the Top of the Mark???

Lets see the dining room in the value of Giant at the cost of Giant to value,
is that Levi Corner stop Jeff's Jeans or the Starbucks that Joe's Original knew the The.Eight.Tour,
should the Tunnel at Filmore say to the office Post or Geary at Masonic,
is then the Panhandle a Haight Ashbury or is Hippie Hill Kelsey by duh.Fault??

Shell the Punk,chew.A.shin define a Band of Bill plural.roles,
is the sigh.coal that Fountain with an Achievement comprehended by I to say . . . . . .

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