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[PDF] The Constitution and the Structure of Government Power

 ........“convenient or useful” to exercise its powers.  As for Maryland’s tax, he wrote, “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.” Therefore, when a state’s laws interfere with the national government’s operation, the latter takes precedence. From the 1780s to the Great Depression of the 1930s, the size and reach of the national government were relatively limited. As late as 1932, local government raised and spent more than the national government or the states.


McCulloch v. Maryland 

Read  more   about    McCulloch v. Maryland     (1819) online at antebellum/landmark_mcculloch.html.

On two subjects, however, the national government increased its power in relationship to the states and local governments: sin and economic regulation.

The Politics of Sin 

National powers were expanded when Congress targeted obscenity, prostitution, and alcohol.[26] In 1872, reformers led by Anthony Comstock persuaded Congress to pass laws blocking obscene material from being carried in the US mail. Comstock had a broad notion of sinful media: all writings about sex, birth control, abortion, and childbearing, plus tabloid newspapers that allegedly corrupted more at: :: 30 / 425 of the AP US Government Textbook.pdf

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