Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cosmic Dust!!

Listen to the format of a life on the toe,
it sings with the width of a billion lives on once in a tide,
waving while the world glows another Sun on the moon of a Shade,
it is the balance.

From in-front to the back reversal of a sole,
what a type,
wisdom riding for the Sands of coal,
just the print of hands and metal at elemental!!

People cross charts on cooing that library,
chance to a style of lyrics of ancient mind,
craft is wise in the Egyptian mile authority on tile.

Grooving wind to breeze another filed,
down goes the pen to Ink-Up a pine,
birch and read wool's skin parade,
dividing the World full.

Crowds stair lives on Planet Hell,
earth is the dirt to remind of the mores'!!

Loving the fire it is me a Flame,
twinkling a star on an evening night,
glass is reflecting light with a dance of grace in ream,
of for the grooves,
trees that wheat sway to king.

Grant this a moment in the heart of my hand,
a palm that shown,
portion only breath to a breathing beat,
for on the long pour it is the element of volcano's shoe,
to describe what is land.

Whale in the sight of only the Fish that school to a might,
for it is the Sea that Ocean's back,
a walking along the shore of Time,
for in the Ages it was not a Twilight of freeze,
the ice gave rise,
molten rock rose,
plainly the cosmos.

Written to an ole style of what was fashion at addressing,
now it is only the promise signature piece to my name is not stun.
November 1st, 2016,
1:11 PM

The prowess of such times on the Moon Songs of strong landing,
the country in the land of the freeze is it the honesty of the hands of the lyrics that makes you ride,
across this lane of avenue??

Shall the tunnel vision to the blindness that the Sun is the bright star of this themes' galaxy,
is the universe on the Milky Way to state of the Orion on its' every sight's swum.

Can^did photograph of the home,
what is it as the civilians brought nothing to making this the day of where is the facing??

Is pain the memory or the mirror that people must reflect,
is innocence the guilty cloth that cheese will not mold as religions now go to the folds??

Nose to flattery are the hours try^bowl,
is the cream of that the milking of a stool to feel the fracture of reality or that shale??