Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sew^Sigh It Tea!!

Lips this to ancient land of hand to mind before the call in cosmos to reply,
first there was place to say that voice is cleared from a source to speaking much in the floor,
a ride on this parade in the earth realm what a compass in the fast shirt to pants and Suit!!

Winking Time!!

Whiz along the sound of light-years energy with a bit rein to lean on a shoulder that I knew be for the leg of thigh,
round to line on no circle as the Morse was spoken,
true Infinity!!

Shelves came,
the library of my brain be gained from a fire at the embers of know flame,
once land^ding now just a better read at chapter of a book^keen from I to the frost of ice humans at the shake.in chill,
forks and punned I raised my rafter to break the seal of letters lawn,
grease said at the Greek,
arena at the Port of continent of a English grain,
language Fall-in,
Seasons of the Grand Canyon know!!

River sneak of a thousand Year on the Millionth travel to the bell_Rang,
for more^role ground did trust as the plate,
oh how moved these days of cent^tents to craft of my boating across the Perseus of a Constellation song!!

Love in grace to see the foot Trust asking note to say every-thing,
fabulously reminded thank you forest of paper trireme,
row to the bar as the box is a treasure of memorized as the Computer is my mind on reality,
nostril to no price,
the ocean sighs,
waves rank and file,
it is the shed of instrument to being a structure of the universe in far and way,
might humanity flow as the river is preek^ness grown,
creek of mountain and the crest of Peak shall the echo be the valley of any mortal dread,
shall the Cry stride to ample,
climbing a fires clean!!!!

written for slide to my snowflake smile,
oh shale aitch bone!!
11:31 AM, November 4th, 2016