Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Inspire the sky to speak a thunder as the light graces Mankind's eyes to basket the human loan on the keen,
is not the balance of all in the sand discussing a grain as the salt talks a theme,
shell beach is fossil footprint for the rock on a Mountain fame,
valley may bridge the divide naturally apron string that in a voice,
echo cosmic find??

West frost ice in glacier branch just that a planet hemming,
way out on special recognition is it energy treating thought to philosophical chart guiding a map,

Granite spin with a touch of chalk in an out line for the Stars beautify too,
explain North on a Viking mile as I will next,
grasp reach as a dawn,
deep method of life on the Show!!

Humanity drains the Mind to gag a trace for arguing gods as a temple be shined,
nestling only in tree would division Ages,
what is that hill on a creeks tow of stones rolling??

The carriage of creation in design made room,
a planet sewn with life as threads of air in oxygen to breathe majestic as a Nile
rounds to harbor boats on a galaxy.

Ports of lost trouble only the individual bile in the stomach of the brain's memory,
should human kindness ankle with less than more than a take,
smiling would have grin to cheeks that conversation amazing,
instead this year of marking 2016 on the November peel,
countries plan death at graves in Tombs,
building minus a beacon,
for had life brought more than a dead teacher forest of pastel trailers on the biblical peak,
the Wells find.

Written to an ole style of what was fashion at addressing,
now it is only exiting a signature piece to say my name is not stun.
Karen A. Placek
November 1st, 2016
1:33 Prime Meridian