Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Γιατί Πηγή^Sir^Διαβάστε!!

Why Source^Sir^Read!!

Watch the world fleece the wool of the sheep to an elephant's phone,
horns trumpet to the mammoth raised,
in a cavern of mankind it is the humanity missing a piece of warm coal for the treat,
firs is the flames pardon to thank the coal for a thought,
as each ache is just a sphere of I was taught,
speak ease see and allow the beech to pine a redwood direction on Times on the Ages fleet!!

Ships across the harbor of itself will deliver the Sound,
seal a part and the ocean will lift,
glacier conversation.

Wise is the Volcanic road while Pompeii truly gave a Talk to how is water the creek of lava Lots,
repetition of natural flows brought I the write to ink pharoah for a ton of just the Egyptian tunes,
should the foundation square to mathematical shapes the arithmetic will mark an, the Equator shall show balance,
with more than faith or minor hope this is the pyramid that granite is more than slopes,
the fact of on Officer and the silent shoulder that spoke certainty??,
not in death of a ka billion cheers did I ever hear death as a wrist of shackle to his signed.

He gave I the breadth in a formidable kind act of seeing believe,
these are the days that stride my quiet mind,
it is what no person may ever grasp as reality for people cram such dignity at the price of cop on a uniformed seat,
for I it was truth that compass of navigate and read for key,
never shall I remind that measure as dignity is the compassion of land??,
it is fact that what is is and what does will do with greater lead,
life held my head,
he allowed my seat the ride to answer with more than fall pray??,

November 14th, 2016 at 2:29 PM