Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ship Too Shore A.Loom.In.Numb!!

Owe how reach must strand each wheat to say that oat is but a said to breed that as per air,
the raw in dignity to sod on speak these languages of depth find such counter,
all that raise to rock and form,
that is reality on the solar stream of method.

Humanity has trough,
on the slug a banana peel gave halt.tour,
trees find root,
Mankind sank.

Marsh spoke a simple bog,
that brought lumber,
each timber grew raise in vocation wheel.

Steer rang,
engine of this earth,
planets hung to space in shell,
the haul lo,
a quiet taste of priced to Toll.

The bridge jizz,
oh pane is when.dough for this sad bare.role of listed limp,
lanes charted rounds in the Sir.coal of just silents,
well dial brought nothing,
it was the lands let.tour.

I rung a note to bell lift,
the shores of sands began to shift the gears in explanation,
a clam in short tale chose to muscle a kindness in gentle ride,
no it was an old friend on a journey of forgotten mail,
that thrift of before my know would have grasped a fire in I the Flame!!

Heavy memory on shoulders??,
it was the flicker of breadth,
breathing with cadence of wonder no Man could desire to warm this story,
for on that this World fried butter to gather togs,
cobbler of the field.

Pasture Fenced,
lakes rose and explain gave dice.see grip,
I listened to that gave,
in form of exclaim I bravo Nature to comfort,
oh much bested this interest.sting lung.

Suns on that what a door,
ays to introduce a Moons brier of thorns and measure as the rule of no hand came to green,
an orphan was I,
a time forgotten in Time & Ages fell with fracture to 2016 the fringe of dead Men shocking flaccid,
left learn.moil asked quest to chin that speaker seep,
I turned to no mow.bull for the fleeced crowds and that gift told me stile.

I weighted,
no Watch was needed,
the Tide wade gift,
tease.sing hare rats as the Nest,
these were the of pain on rust that ache for Greece.


Note to Self: This post was written on my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision by I, Karen Anastasia Placek and held in draft until 'Published June 26th, 2016'. At and for my reference to the  posts in 'the hold' google time stamp on my acer laptop computer running Windows to say the time is 
5:55 PM to date and state Published Now. Original and free write done by I on June 7th, 2016.

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