Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why Does This Equal Seven^Tea^Five Cents??

                                                                                 ??   Polaroid Instant Camera
                                                              +  Pull.Lure
                                                                             = whats Phish.Sheen??
Eyes of A
  Minds Composure
  in Motion to
  spelling a method pictures
  slowest gaze to Stair
                                                   in a wink
                Kind that Sought        or
Asterisk to Self; 

*reference to self for Title simplicity on further thought towards a dollar Bill.

The Etude - Volume 28, Issues 1-6 - Page 272 - Google Books Result
1910 - ‎Music
Those were days of joy and triumph for young_ Mozart, the most brilliant of all his ... is used to fill up ameasure of threequarter time as well as of four-quarter time. ... But he had his musicand he dearly loved little children, although he never had .... I do not mean people dressed up to look like dolls, but anopera given in a ...

Mostly Mozart Festival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Mostly Mozart Festival is a summer series of concerts held at Lincoln Center in New York Cityand in other city venues. Currently, the artistic director is Jane Moss while the music director is Louis ... by the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra, as well as opera, dance, chamber music andcontemporary performances.
Note to Self: This post was written on my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision by I, Karen Anastasia Placek and held in draft until 'Published June 26th, 2016'. At and for my reference to the many more posts in 'the hold' google time stamp on my acer laptop computer running Windows to say the time is 
8:37 PM to date and state Published Now. Original minus a personal note for my consideration of writing anything more  as people are not in response and it seems that this is all falling on deaf ears. This free write done by I with added Opera Muse to addition my original thought on June 11th, 2016.

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