Sunday, June 26, 2016

White Or Black Is The Smile A Residence Of The Office Or A Presidents Double.back To Recognize The Liberty Of Just Ssshh Grin!!!! NOW DELIVER THIS TO MY PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BARACK OBAMA write Now 6/19/2016 Time Date 4:32 am Rote on Acer Ownership is I, Karen Anastasia Placek, My Mother is Melba Mauda Meakin and Hugh Meakin has a 'Green Card'.

Sew their it is plane as a day to the flight of soap on the rinse of Pilot' stride,
Fathers Day with a bit once break on a pair rents fashion to the dress.or??,
nigh the  hour of taking care of business width the suck a thumb to hitch a speak,
cars and the tunes on the daze??,
each procession of this day in history is a tell to the Sir.Prize on a Suns' Day of that sue.port.

Merry Jam and Raze.berry??,
or is it the Yard by that Crib in the Hand??,
a dark hour of minute to what is religion on a coordinates stiled,
is it the ox.err,
a vertical on read.dure.rick??,
the lacks a cope.pea.uh,
that blaze.Err on the Three sec.OND stair pearl??

Drive still to frame while the harness actually greets,
today is not the day of the dead it is the day of a grave style of Mankind with Humanity and its steal,
dust jackets to the vest,
prepare for the from to the gallop pulls as the bits are not stream of a dam,
this is a flashflood of tiers.

Shy will say Hell.lo How are Ewe,
the call in too the office that phonebooth on the call.lure,
mark that as the Numbers to full brims on a for locks latter rein,
dialers of the staple to ALWAYs have the last Furst turf to goal.lee type of a Sod.

Sheets and the due lah Vey for that is the Theater of Famine on a letters loose.duh,
the mon.knee dollars that Munch,
house.sin proxy bought sound to Desta's expressive with Kent Fill.Pot!!!

Please candor the look of her Pride,
that vomit in my shift to a stomach of by.yo.ole,
these story lathes that made her tore to the seeing Dave hanging in the garage bee For a stinger,
should that have been bad enough??,

It was the fake.keen Tiles of notes in thermostat beers,
that smile.lean of the photograph of my older brother Ed and Eden that I had never seen in never,
the hinge to toss.sing the so'EAN Ma.Sheen.

Wool on the Sweater,
the Elephant in the Room is in Addition,
frank is this Post as Mark well to buck.Kit a Tale.lore's shoe.

The religions are anchor.ring a horror to that end of daze Men.tall.a Tea,
Christians have towered language with Bits,
please stride the Truckers on a Coffee Shops brew.
My Mother Always Said it Was the Best Food in America,
please know that a see be can do the method of system like the RR had a stations Rear,
that in to load a unload.dead clear,
the Free.Waves Can on Radio Gas??,
its the oil in the double You to For Deed as The Tell.A.Vision,
my night filled with a strain of shifting bodies shredded in pay.per parades,
like the button Simon Cowsill pushed to show the movements in the air gave better explanation,
I saw that on the turns in the Castro Market to down the line of Cars tracks out from the Tunnel not in it.

YOu have removed Toll Takers at the Golden Gate Bridge,
you have severed eye contact for what??,
the death of keep your eye on the ball.

Why would you do such Tack,
eye contact is the first defense to being RIPped Off at the Customer Service of a Store,
the city of San Francisco is hour home??,
know that the fashion of address is to the sit.tee officials and their casual in counters to human life,
nice job Major Lee in theater on June 19th, 2016,
a good visit to the Mission on the fire of relief??,
you as the Mayor could in an instant make ready Hotels for a state of emergency to Home,
instead you blank the spears for your callous method of operation,
you are not only fraudulent your the E!.pit.a.Mi of pronunciation to the Massage Parlor,
as those photo's were cropped sew due you sheep flocking for your ka.rear step,
know its the curb ball that knuckle ball.lure for Fame and fortune that quicks your Byte,
now on that is this Flat.tour.Reed!!

I will whistle Pan as the Ocean Beach of rats and balm Fires at the Flame of my sigh,
while you have engaged the flattery to nothing in your history of act.shin,
I'll say that Mayor Willie Brown and Mayor Gavin Newsom will bravo a Gov.Nor,
to that is Jerry Brown on the Wash.EAN.ton price,
know 'Y',
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!!

Now on that Platter of Full??,
do you or would you like dinner Out??,
Real Time Bill Maher and I have a lovely shout Out to say Movies are Sir.Real to the Tell,
feel the harness of no Act.Cent,
this is All American in the Best of Adore,
for the Fireman and defining 911 as the Proper and knot the Prime,
its Math to bring Toe.back.Owe a staff that is not working it out on Wall Street for a pork bell.lee plod of what would you have said,

Note to Self: This post was written on my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision by I, Karen Anastasia Placek and held in draft until 'Published June 26th, 2016'. At and for my reference to the many more posts in 'the hold' google time stamp on my acer laptop computer running Windows to say the time is 
3:17 AM to date and state Published Now. Original and free write done by I on June 19th, 2016.