Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Signature Piece Spoke To The Fathom Of This Clock, The Hands Would Be Set At 10 O'Clock News From The Fashion Of The Sun In Prose To I In A Speak This Morning!! Wow?? 'Cause Its a Real Time Letter!!!

Loving a beautiful Sun on the brilliance of language to a letter of signature,
each state of being is in that present fashion as the word is to the stun,
to be of the breeze this morning while watching CBS Sunday Morning I grade to school,
the elevate.shin so funny that wonderful makes this lettering a grasp for that done!!

Best of Show is Nature on her Foundations,
to this or these languages that the world is often engaged,
gently the River flows,
a Creek says Stow Lake!!

To that I dance,
the waltz of all oh.pen to gift of that incredible mathematical Add,
as each is an individual how it Times with ages is to be family familiar with Artistic by design,
from to the dress of any and all I bright you a day by hugging a star,
lyrics and Music,
the balance My Mother taught.see said,
it is the beauty of learning that Human Beings are so Mars,
these days of a Theme it is My Mother that greats,
for in love My Mother is with San Francisco and its trust!!

Thank you for this teach on my truth as each Compass gave to Wise and not snot from the tiers,
a Shoppe touching find Tal-y-Tara Tack & Tweed so Named as Original the neigh.shin Waters Upton!!

Free are the people to chart a Muni on near,
a production of harpist and a pianist once so lovely that lovely will play,
as whom plays with that liberty by just hands on the keys,
ivory notes to the amazing music hymn chose??,
know that every warmth is that magical gift,
for fill_up is certain to say Coffee, Tea or just Jeeves??,
no, however there is a place in the City by the leeks that Soup is from knowing that love is dg!!

For that from to the Dear it is a prose of the Sunlight,
streaming a special invite to Rank,
should that be of Check to the Sign of this Rose,
than what is the system that makes letters say Find.

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