Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Poe.Sigh.Den Adventure For In.Knee borne Before Sain Is The Balance Off The Horse Or Once The Ride Of A Tire.Heard Choice`d??

Mark well the depth of move ease to the solar systems opera off sleeves of shirt.  The lift of energy to a reality of learn.  Ask not the Sun as the Moon's defense, from that is planets to gauge thrust with a galaxy or the cosmic race.

Therefore on the know is a river of lean to before the snowflake on a dive landing an ability to height.  Each aspect will deliver.  These are not hours rather understanding Evolution on design for creations nest has cuddled in already done.  Thus a lake is not the pond to place, a flood is not a drop of rein on the Valley.  A Trail is not the dirt to Mud the face of Cliffs describe bye dust while moving is but a breeze on a Twister.  Enveloping a method that inquires with less is touching, the regard from mystery sew apropos.

Heave with shoulder sewing the rocks thread to a pebble.  Branch with lands mile to comprehend a bright thunder as the lightning introduces the comprehension of a distance that encounters the bolt.

Treat methodology fossil record.

Growth perhaps is Palms stream, a coconut on the beach with milk and substance as a barrel in a cup of drink.  Words fathom with knot to temperature the speed of light.

Greece in Memory, Egypt with Built.

Wares of the back Bone to invite a floor.ride for the eyes of Humanity whilst the Worlds swig is to swallow lime Vodka, worm at the bottle message.

Jig is a dance sing the Ocean waves role.  Tides come to shore explaining the Clam at no expense to sand as the Pearls are not diamonds but the jewels of the Nile.  Thereby an existence at the date 2016 calendar pants years on simple addition to the mathematics of Seer' relief to Mankind' caller of Humanity as Human Beings crawl.

Knee breaking to habit is as the Big Bang sounded, explosive sight to each and every Night and available for current reference as a Chart to the Sea'.  Plurality discussion needs no desire from the Mapping of edges at Cosmic Formidable Placed to and by Coordinates readily available to any Telescope interested in the point of fractions.  Division is an arithmetic multiplied sku, the price is the cost of morality Times principle Subtracted by the sentences Equaling no resolute??  Well now, is not that a raise to a rather deeply dug string.  Theory by Bing or is Pong a game??  Does the Sting mellow the Bee when the bird is yet an eagle?? Shall the buffalo not grace the pasture of a Fountain to show the wripples as a teach to my youth in riding through the gifts to present to whomever would choose to read past the style of The Doors knowing only one book on author for saying 1984 was a staple to bread.  Milk merely the introduction fluid bring moss.cone.knee the cigarette that makes today June 14th of another state of being a real.list not an In.stance for the Pull.lo.roid or rave Users that oh.pea.Oids made light of the Hare.row.Inn to dunk Cookies on computation to go bane.

Note to Self: This post was written on my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision by I, Karen Anastasia Placek and held in draft until 'Published June 26th, 2016'. At and for my reference to the many more posts in 'the hold' google time stamp on my acer laptop computer running Windows to say the time is 
5:38 AM to date and state Published Now. Original and free write done by I on June 14th, 2016.

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