Thursday, February 21, 2008

Twin Soul: An Ancient Verse

When two souls join back together after learning each lesson and/or after experiencing, seeing and understanding every one of those lessons and/or experiences. Knowing that some of you will be forever lost, this is the cost each of you willingly accepts as the price to cure this disease. Those of you that become lost will be cherished by each and every one of us for eternity. As a protection/inoculation from this disease and to impress and stamp urgency on your souls, one of you shall be immortal and the other invincible. This will be written on your soul at the beginning of your journey. You will not know now which stamp you will receive, but this stamp will be you homing device if the other has caught the disease and is dying. Because this disease takes no preference to the victim, the stamp shall be interchangeable between you to ensure that if the disease is contracted by one or the other of you. This is the best and quickest map back to the other before they die.

This journey is perilous and many of you will not return. We do not know the source or cause of this disease, which is why this is being done. On the same note, this means we do not know who will fall victim or why. This journey that you are about to embark on will give us these answers. With that knowledge we can create a cure. We know that when this disease is contracted, some die and others remain sick. However, they continue to pass it on, either knowingly or unknowingly. We are not certain how this works. Knowing that if this disease is contracted, you are either killed by it or you become a carrier is where the strength and conviction each of you have in your matched soul will be your guide.

Those of you that lose your match, you will be protected from any further threat, also you will not continue this journey with the same agenda. The loss of your match will be . . . well, it is felt amongst us now, so you will then embark on a journey of healing yourself. When this journey begins you will then remember all that is now being said, you will be able to draw some strength to continue on towards the next phase of your journey. You will now know that this has been a last effort for a cure. Look around, remember the power that surrounds all of you now. As long as you are able to feel this in your soul, then you will know the battle for the cure has not ended. Knowing this you will leap to you next task, each of you will need signs, reminders and vessels to draw strength from; to remind your soul of all this being said and to remember that it will take only one set of matched souls to end this disease. No matter what the progression or how many it has infected, the two souls that find their match with the knowledge of this disease and how it is being spread, you both will immediately be empowered by the other. This will be the beginning of the end of this disease that is bringing mankind to extinction. The hurt will be unfamiliar because you have not known all of this that is being said, know this and draw your comfort in the knowledge that this will be over for all of us when the first two have the cure. At this moment, we will all win this battle against eternal death for each and every soul. This cure will be the vaccine that enable man to take the next step through time.

You all will be at risk of the unknown and that is why this has all been voluntary. The purity of a matched set of souls is our best defense and also the biggest risk. Should one of you become ill and not die and your matched soul does not get to you soon enough to . . . ; then you will become our biggest threat. Your memories, power and sight will remain with you but you will be filled with sickness. The actual impact is not known to us, so, it will be left up to each of you to decide what to do, compassion shall be your guide. The sight of one of your own soul circle using knowledge, power and sight to destroy not only the weak but if recognized will destroy you without hesitation. Only at that moment will you be filled with the wisdom to act.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The journey of another, you might be in Hell too!!

A beginning and an end of a journey is how we measure the distance we travel.  I am tired of the Judges that insult and disable the Wares you carry with you.  Constantly questioning, then discouraging while the cripple your Bank Account.  Answers they want, a Free Ride they try to steal by Ways of watching you when you sleep.  Eyes open or closed you feel the breath on the back of your Neck, tick, tick, tick, they whisper with binoculars in hand.  What Country, what County, Container!!

Madness surrounds a journey full of peril, cruelty is abundant. Selfishness and Envy surrounds this Trip. Yet the judge, they comment on your actions, your reactions or your beliefs or the way you may hold another accountable for deeds of horrors that they have committed!!

No one knows how far another has traveled, especially when the Journey began when Man destroyed the earth and made the Universe go black.  Flushed-out of the bottom into Darkness, Emptiness and Fear.  Flushed hurting and crying, searching in a blackness for my Match to light the Way.  I shiver with the Thought of what Man has done and how close it seems He wants to do it Again.

I have been called so many things, I have had to hide in a place that I do not want to be.  No Home, No Name, No Mother, No Father, No Shelter from this Storm. So in this lair I reside until a Way is cleared.  I am hated, and despised, anger surrounds me, conspiring to scare me to move.  My laughter is lost, my fear has retired, stillness becomes me.

I listen, I cry, I call, I scream, I look, I send, I am lost in Time.  My soul is trapped, my Mate is gone, my Journey is long, I want my family with me and I don't want to be Here.  I am sick of the scrutiny and I am not even known to You.  I have no name, I am my Father's creation and I am called a bastard child.  What an insult to a man that has a heart of gold and stayed the Course until The End.

I will not explain because I do not care, I am nothing in all of this, nothing at All, I am nobody and yet I am trapped.  Still they Judge and Point and Presume to know that which that cannot have any understanding because the do not know me.  Locked up in Hell, parasites surround me to ensure I don't escape.  Yet you judge.  Sickness and Apathy washes over the World and yet nobody see's death lurking at the door.  An end will come, this is true, they cannot stop what will be, I just know I am totally sick of this apathy.

Judge this journey, Judge my anger, Judge me, I don't care anymore. Believe what you want, point at what you will and remember you are also in Hell!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Letter to Cruelty

I am the white flame of the fire which burns the color of purity.  I pay homage to the miracle of my creation.  My development and freedom from hypocrisy has been celebrated and witnessed.  I have played a slow, even tempo, which has been ideal for guiding, leading and revealing the path that I have followed for my life.  My trust in the unknown has been rewarded to me, by becoming the known.  I understand the Laws of the Divine.  The gifts that have been bestowed upon me are priceless and without measure.  My Key has been revealed, I have unlocked my door, I have found Forgiveness my lesson and I revel in the Peace of Understanding. 

I forgive all your wrongdoings and intolerance; I am now impartial, impersonal, and detached from all of your emotions.  I surrender and I am drawing to a close, your selfishness, ugliness and lack of compassion, which has been so offensive to me.  The Divine plan requires me to have faith and live on higher ground I will testify to the wisdom of Spiritual Law.  I am now conscious of the needs of humankind. By choosing to live with a higher purpose, my talents will allow me to bring this together, with completion and no allowance for interpretation.  I am a living testimony; it does not matter what my adversaries have done to annihilate my very existence and survival.  My anchor for self-preservation has transformed the horrid memories and visions of the tortuous, manipulative, abuse of power and influence over unsuspecting lives, both known and unknown, into a positive reaction, that evoked forgiveness, not resentment.  My sensitivity, perception and innate ability to listen to a Higher Guidance will ensure the integrity of the message remains in tact.  My vision of this message will be delivered with planning and the execution of a master swordsman.  The principles, ideals and wisdom of this message will focus the minds, which choose to release their compulsions and negativity.  I evoke my eternal right for peace, understanding and taking advantage of the opportunities for positive growth. 

Creation welcomed me at my conception, a child of Joy and Sweetness, a delightful daughter, full of the most natural and true abilities.  I have kindled the flame that ignited within me. My unusual amount of self-understanding and the ability to see through the emotional and physical barrage of attacks, created as diversions, had no power or ability to hide, mask or erase the truth.  I have had to be wise beyond my years.  My honesty entitled me to have dominion over the world, which is filled with frightened, cowering, roaming lives.  I have delved into my childhood. I am no longer filled with terror, and anger is not needed to preserve myself from attack.  My eyes received enlightenment, my ears perceived the truth. I have separated the entangled web of your deceit.  I have found my bottom, my place and it is clean, strong and ready to sustain the weight of the building, which shall be my life.  I embrace my heritage; I found this etched on my soul.  Creation has clothed me in substance, sustained me, blessed me and ensured that no man foul my purity.  My mind dwells in anticipation of the delightful tickle of the wisdom which I have been graced. 

I have been protected by the very power that awakened you to the joy of your re-birth.  At your birth, the gates flew open and you entered into a celebration that freed your conscious mind.  Your relentless pursuit of those who failed to see your delight and awaken to your invitation, a gift that you would bestow, ended. This has delivered despair and agony to your door.  You have only begun to realize that the brilliant enlightenment and uplifting satisfaction you desired has been the imagination of your life.  You have walked amongst those which you despise.  You bear deceit for their very beings.  The beauty in your mind and body shall perish in blindness and despair.

You did not seek the knowledge of those that know, you did not listen to those that spoke the words, nor, did you respect the Laws of the Land.  Creation is our Mother; we are all invited to revel in the warmth.  We accepted her gift, a pact of everlasting devotion.  You did not heed Creation, instead you wrapped yourself in a cloak of self. Filled with secrets and with unyielding loyalty to your deceiving warmth. You turned away from Natural Laws.  Although you break the Laws of the Land, the Laws with an even tighter grip bind you.  You have raised your right hand, given an oath, receiving all that which that oath has entitled.  You swore mindlessness; you went out amongst the world and shouted your acclaim.  You have discarded yourself and willingly choose Pleasure and Pain as your very existence.  You choose your death and accepted life.  You received and embraced enlightenment.  You did this of your own accord, without cause for any other that yourself.  You were not coerced, nor were you tricked, your ambition for desire, signed and sealed your Fate.

However, the wrong cannot go without being addressed.  Even in defeat, honor is dangerous. It must be carried out, for this is the honorable thing to do.  You choose a path to save righteousness based on your Natural Instincts.  You joined your Spiritual and Carnal Natures, watched while they merged with one another.  You did this so that you would achieve greater enlightenment.  To your Horror and in your self-deceit, with ambition as instinct for self-preservation, you discovered that you are only carnal and you always were.  You either had to hate yourself to death or revel and rejoice in exactly what you are.  The feeble attempts you made to scourge yourself, were never more than reprieves you enjoyed while willingly accepting and recognizing the importance of sustaining faith in a lie. Then you had to rationalize sustaining faith in the truth.  This is a primitive thought; this did not spur awareness into your mind, nor did this ignorant, pathetic process, which you willingly submitted yourself too, bring or add any substance to your being.  Your faith in lies has diminished, the brilliant, blinding flame you once reveled in the glory of.  It has lost its ability to breath and burns black with the impurities of your mind and soul.  The gradual decline, over the true test “Time” has enabled all that protected me to revel in the excitement that your time is near.

Creation does not need an invention, audience, or court from mankind to invoke Natural Law, nor does she judge or punish by-proxy.  This is not the time to spur “Hope” and “Prayer” for your redemption, these are simply the indicative responses of the  apprehension and fear you are feeling inside yourself.  Creation has based her judgment and therein punishment on the action and reaction of the choice’s you have made.  There will be no Middle Ground found in this scenario, for middle ground is just another term you commonly here, called “FATE”. You have sealed your fate with the action of your very instinct for self-preservation, your ambition.

You have confessed to Tammy, Eddie and I your inabilities and sins against the Natural Laws of Motherhood. To clear your conscious and free yourself to break the laws and terrorize us yet again. If you had committed wrongs, than your genuine acknowledgment to us that you had made a mistake would have had to be truly sorry about what you had done.  This would have taught you lessons a long the way and you would have taken care not to do it again.  Instead, you have not been honestly sorry about anything and acknowledged to yourself you would continue again and again to terrorize us. You had no business confessing and asking forgiveness in the first place.  Your own lack of consistency in this matter has revealed your hidden agenda.  Your scorn for our very existence and continued life has you consumed with animosity. This must be released on us from you.  Your disguise of prayer or praying for us has only been nothing more than your bargain-basement anger. This is decidedly shoddy and inferior in quality.  Your own admission on a daily basis of you having to “pray for your enemies” provides total confirmation and true meaning to this ignorant backwards thought.

God is all-powerful and in turn all forgiving. Your faith and belief that all transgressions here on earth will be forgiven is not plausible. The Divine power of such a blessing lies in his hands, regardless of the location of such a decision.  Therefore you have reveled in your own iniquities, love of self and allegiance to your oath of enlightenment, with no regard. However, your belief that forgiveness will be at hand when you call has caused confusion for us all. The oath of contradiction blinded you with hypocritical self-deceit, which is why you have never achieved peace of mind.  Every being or entity, good or evil has a job.  You assumed in your ignorance that this loophole freed you and in reality it not only bound you, but also consumed your very being.  God is all-powerful and will forgive the transgressions of those that sin knowingly, however, you should have been aware of the power of Creation, herself, the Mother to us all.  She employs the power to give us the strength to pull the heavens down and from the crumbling remains use their shards to build an idol or erect a monument to satisfy our own Divine indulgence; Defining our true nobility for thought and action.  To employ such abandoned power for strength and choice, she must balance the Core of Creation with the wisdom and freedom from the perception of right and wrong, good and evil applying to her actions and therefore the reaction, which brings and End to a Means.  God being the creator of all; God recognized his compassion towards the weakness of man and it would prove to be their own destruction, ending in extinction.  Being Just and Fair, God employed Creation to ensure that his compassion was felt by mankind but did not stop the progression of Creation by accepting inadequacies that mankind created as a result of their own compulsions. God did not want to stand in the way of the Natural Extinction of an infested soul and mind that succumbed to Carnal Desire without regard or consequence to their actions.  Your enlightenment to yourself and desires were fool hardy when measured against the All-Knowing, All-Powerful God of Heavens and Earth. This will be in accordance with all that has been and all that will be for eternity.

I am speaking in a tongue that requires no translation to be understood.  I have not called upon the “Powers to Be” to invoke the protection or justification of the meaning and implications of this message.  Creation herself delivered me to you.  She encompassed my mind, heart, soul and very being with spiritual gifts to make me highly sensitive and intuitive.  My core has been filled and has comforted me since the day of my birth with the celestial beings she sent to care and protect me from the realities of life and all that would destroy my ability to deliver this message.  She provided the balance needed to survive in this world of violence, negativity, materialism and personal gratification.  Knowing the journey would be taxing emotionally, mentally, and physically, she instilled the fire and solemnized her gift by etching the design onto my soul so I can remember my origin. By design, I elevated my consciousness toward living with a spiritual awareness.  The heightened state of awareness made it very difficult to accept the surroundings of my youth. My pioneering spirit has driven me with absolute determination to find the truth. The journey has been a fine line between survival and self-destruction.  The acceptance of my gifts for intuitive understanding and spiritual truths, delivered the ability to grow and find stability.  I have learned to live with faith. My peace was made with myself and my gratitude will be everlasting.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Independence is achieved through the constant search for oneself. In todays world people seem to be thrown by the simple and wallow in the complex. A source to lean on when beginning your journey to the 5th dimension, is simply you! I believe the mind to be the most phenomenal source library to exist. Having the confidence to believe that your mind is capable of imaginative beliefs would be an awesome start toward your own independence. Each of us was given the most incredible gift, a gift that was free of charge, from whom, I suppose, is a debate I would rather not join. But, we were all given a mind with the ability to have the freedom of thought. With this one gift so much of our everyday concerns can be sorted through, which can bring such peace to our minds when we are successful. On those days, where we have achieved our own peaceful and serene tranquility ourselves, I believe, at least for myself, there is nothing I cannot do. I feel like an enormous volcano bursting forth with molten rock as the explosive heat of my core. I feel as if I am liquid nitrogen and I will rocket to unknown places. To feel the burn of such fiery energy consume my every cell and ignite all that I am in one single explosive ride. At those moments, my mind, my thought, my heart and my soul join as one with my imagination and journey begins. I cherish this most of all because when this happens, I have never left the confines of my own being, or have I? This question and the ability to not have to prove or show anyone any of this, other than believing myself while having the exhilarating ride is what Independence is to me.

Karen Anastasia Placek

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Imagine what is Different. Are you intolerant too?

So many people write or speak about change. You may find yourself thinking about change in your everyday life, I know I do. Some people wait their entire life for something, anything to change. Mostly, they seem to leave change to fate, chance, religion, God, other people are a popular one to choose, or they just leave it to any other reason that they can think of and believe it will initiate a change for them.

The question to ask yourself,

"Are you the person waiting for change?"
"Are you the one that will make change happen?" 

Be honest, nobody is listening and the only person you would be fooling is you.

"Are you a mover?"
"a shaker?" 
"Are you a motivator?" 

Or are you barely hanging onto the present. I think that one is me every other second of the day, LOL! Are you afraid of what is around the next corner? Do you believe that good things happen to people who wait? Or do you believe that good things happen to people who make them happen? Do you run from a challenge? Or to a challenge? Do you face a challenge head on? What do you do? Do you have an answer for yourself?

I would venture to say that most of us are terrified of change and usually it does not matter the type of change, we will be terrified. The change could be in your employment or romantic relationships, getting a bigger house or a different car, change in responsibility or a different creative idea. It may be a change in any number of these areas or any other aspect of our lives, but change is change no matter how you slice it for yourself. However, at the urge to yearn for change, we will fight change the entire way. It would make no difference what form change arrived in; the battle against change is on! In fact, when anything changes at all (in this world) our entire world is turned upside down. Strange, don't you think? Especially when everyone around the world seems to want something, anything to change.

Have you ever met anyone that fits the above description? I know I do, hence why I am writing this blog I suppose. Other than me, lol, do you know anyone else right now? What have you said to make them realize that the very thing they complained about not happening is also the very thing that they are pushing away when it is offered.

The closest comparison I can make would be a promotion at work. People want to make more money and would like to have more responsibility, generally speaking. In order to achieve this goal there is a major thing that must take place, CHANGE! Change of position involves more responsibility, more money, it involves changing the way that fellow workers looked at you, this could be good or bad I suppose, but it will most definitely be different. The biggest change of all is usually the degree of accountability you are now responsible for when accepting the promotion.

Day by day, I am so struck by the words that pour out of people’s mouths. For instance, I actually had a person tell me once that if I would only threaten him with his job that then and only then would he be capable of working better. All I could think was "Wow", this person is not only afraid of changing his mind set toward his working environment, but he would like to dump all that responsibility for that decision on my lap, so it’s all my fault that he will not change. Do you think that he was afraid of change? What would you say to him? What should you say to him? How could you change this from a negative to a positive situation? How can I put the burden of responsibility to change back in his lap?

Why do people yearn for change and then run from it? What can you do to help them realize that change in your life is exactly that "change?" Is it possible to identify the people that are afraid of change? Should we be wasting our time to help them identify themselves? Should we be offering up idea’s, position’s, promotion’s etc., that will require or initiate change, even though we know this to be their trait (fear of change). Can we be that selective? Is it wise to be that selective?

The definition of "change" in the 1959 Old Webster’s Dictionary;

1. To progress from one state of being to another, as a grub changes to a beetle (a grub is a worm-like larva of some insects, as beetles and yes it really does give that definition)
2. To become different, vary, as the colors of a sunset change.
3. To pass from one phase to another, as the moon.

As you can see, it is not a small feat to ask for, receive or recognize change. For some it may be exciting and for others it is just plain terrifying. This World is afflicted with the disease of apathy. No matter what you believe apathy is not good, not healthy, not prosperous, not growth, not anything at all! Freedom from such an affliction will only come to be through change. I believe that the people who choose to make a choice will be standing tall in the face of the unknown but they will be standing not watching. For it does not matter what you believe, it is only a matter that you believe. The loss of belief in ourselves has been disastrous for mankind and created a world that is screaming for relief from the pain and the agony which surrounds us.

Referring to the 1959 dictionary again, "belief" is defined as follows;

the intellectual acceptance of anything as true; the act of believing; a faith or creed. Syn. Assurance, confidence credence, creed, faith, reliance, trust.

Do not knock another beliefs because you do not agree, it truly is unkind and cruel. Worst of all, when you do such a thing to another being you are on purpose shattering their soul with your words. That to me, is the definition of cruelty.

In closing, and to combat what I have seen in my life, I am writing down what I believe for all of the shattered souls and hearts in the world. I would like to see those souls, hearts and minds healed and better yet, I would love to see and hear them sing again. This is only a structure that develops belief. What and how you choose to accept or use this is for yourself is for you and you lone to do with as you please. I hope that it will ignite a fire in each of us as individuals, then I hope that as an individual we choose carefully every step we take and that we impact the World with change.

So here you have it in black and white, funny or not, it is just my understanding, the 5th dimension so to speak, it is not just a Rock-n-Roll band. The 5th Dimension is the transformation of your own consciousness to understanding, not just knowing but truly understanding, what you know and choose to do. This is known to me as "Mapping", in order to achieve a finite equation of what life is to me, you must "map your own heart", "map your own soul" and "map your own mind". I would like to share with you how I see this in my own mind, and since it seems to all be a math equation anyway I thought that seeing might be part of believing;

(F{[Da(5)=dm(m/o/s) >- dm(m/o)=(dm(o) ><>-(27(9)-24(8) divided by 4(4)=M(8) Co->-{Qf(1)=F(5)}

actually the equation is simply, or simple, You!

Karen A. Placek

Free to See! or to be a "Seer"

As you open your own eyes and begin to see the world around you in a way that you have never seen before, what do you do? I have always believed in this simple thought, if people were afforded the opportunity to truly "See", even if it were only for a moment, then in time they would leap at the chance to open their own eyes (minds eye). So believing this, I made myself a promise a very long time ago, or, should I say early on in my life, I don't want to sound old. Anyway, I promised myself that I would never walk by anyone without extending an invitation of kindness with a smile. I would smile and say hello, (simple but true) this may sound lame or stupid but I thought starting with simple courtesy would be something. When you don't know where to start, then you start with the simple and go from there at least that was the idea behind "Hello". In the beginning of my journey I had a difficult time communicating this invitation, mostly, the smile and hello was not working or I just did not know how to communicate at all. Then I could not understand why they could not see all the wonder of the world that was right in front of them, forget my stupid hello. The beauty that surrounds us always amazes me. I have to be totally honest; this made me wonder most of all. We are surrounded by wonder and people so unhappy, including me on occasion. I hate feeling unhappy or miserable about my life, so each day I wake up and say to myself, "new day, new footsteps for me to take in the world today, maybe I will skip out my front door or walk, maybe run, doesn't matter how I do it this morning, I going to do it happily because, I want to, I want to do it for myself in preparation for all the people that I may meet today."

It has taken many years for me to understand, worst of all, it has taken me years accept that some people, seems like a lot of people just do not want to see anything, regardless, if the eyes are in their mind or in their eye ball sockets in their head. They seem to want to remain blind to everything, have we become an apathetic society?

I used to believe or better put, you could say, "I used to think", maybe people do not want to "see" anything, even the things that seem to be blaring them in the face. Could it be that choosing apathy over sight was due to all the pain that it would cause their own heart and soul? I have to say to you, I am not sure that is it. My reasoning lies in this thought, wouldn't you have to first look at the problem to remember the pain, not simply not look or never look or decide to never "See". It is almost as if people have lost the eyes to see or do not have any eyes at all, no eyes to open or close, regardless of where they may be located, in their mind or eye sockets. How has this happened? Why has this happened? More importantly, how can you heal your own sight if your eyes are gone, replaced with apathy or worse, is now a simple void in yourself.
What is a void anyway? A void to me means an empty space but when I looked it up in the 1959 Webster New Dictionary this is the definition;

1) n. an empty space, a vacuum.
adj. empty, vacant, unoccupied; without effect.
vt. to make empty or vacant, eject; to make ineffective of invalid, annul.

Take a second or take a moment and ask yourself, "What does a void mean to you?" Are you seeing trouble in our world, do you ask yourself;

"What is happening?"
"Why does it feel like something is missing in our society?"
"What is missing?"

I took a look into my own Soul; I see the design of my own Heart. I can see an illustration of my own Life; it is a map of sorts, full of mountains, valleys, rivers and roads. All sorts of roads, there are freeways buzzing with thoughts that are racing through my mind. As I look more closely at myself, I begin to see the imperfections, as well as, the well worn paths; they seem to be the byways that run across, over, under and through this strange freeway system in my mind. Upon closer inspection of this different world inside of my mind, there are places alive with waterfalls, flowers, trees and pastures, green with new grass and then other places are the driest of Deserts. I can feel the hot air inside and the sun seems to beating me down, it is stifling, it is so incredibly arid. These are definitely the places I do not like to visit in my mind or think about, yet it seems that I am drawn to these places, why? Almost as if we enjoy being miserable in our day to day lives as oppose to choosing to being in all the beautiful parts of ourselves.
I believe that the reason we are drawn to such desolate in our selves is simple, we need to find a reason for the lack of rain or comfort in that spot. I look at these spots and ask myself,

"Was this a time in my life when I was lost and lonely?"
"Did I settle for the discomfort of the situation because it seemed to be company for my misery?"

Here is the answer I wrote for myself; I would like to share it with you;

The past is our lesson.
The present our teacher.
The future, an adventure, not yet had.
Learn by our lessons.
Receive the education.
Change the future.
Happiness lies in our hearts,
explore the depths,
shine a light into our cave,
know that Hope springs from the hands that sew our tomorrows!!

I am writing this for all the words that I never spoke to the people I passed in my life. I have a thought that would go with each one. Though care, nor love ever ruled in my life, my care and love has always been present. Sometimes, we or I cannot share our deepest emotional strife, but in each stare, when I missed the opportunity to be kind to another being, I write this for you. In each moment we are here together with one another, walking together side by side, realizing that in one stare lies so much of ourselves that is communicated to each other. Words are so simple, thoughts so complex, the journey that I have been on, has been a means to an end. I have learned and am still learning, "that finding the end has been the means for me to begin my journey."

I wrote this and I would like to share it with you;

Stand proud!!
Allow your posture to be your Voice!!
Then your words can be your grace!!
Silence is golden, until is broken,
that is when you go Platinum!!
This is our heritage,
Freedom is priceless
will cost you everything
no promises.

yours truly, Anastasia