Friday, May 31, 2013

Brains Simmer Ready Boil To Frog Troubles

Humanity Puddles,
pools in the mind,
ankle-deep amongst mortality,
man-upon-man stomping-out.

Existence Now!!

No matter material,
my coffee-cup keeps it real,
the smell of brew,
remains in true.

As We face this disgrace,
the lack of thought,
brains at a slow-boil,
is heating up in the sight of turmoil.

Activities on Record,
an Audible bore,
intent seems sworn,
secrecy it's horror.

Civilians run or just plain shun,
bullets flying from fear based prying,
denial rampant shows the lamp-lit,
the torch is burning as lives are learning.

The invasion with-in,
many States naming sin,
rich in global place,
civilian writes Freedom's displaced.

The Population represents,
apathetic mentality of only resent,
the Envy of the "All,"
a prequel to a World fall.

At every turn,
 this Nations burn,
the messaging constant,
a thumb-swipe sounding swish,
communication a mere Lone.

Words are lost,
anagrammatically form the cost,
listing sent without a boss,
making work vacation lost.

Defining Country

The Intellect suffers from shortened 'letters'
the grip-technology an obvious rub to send,
hard bound to been the socket plugged-in.

Robotic read,
Stories fed,
the News just adds a multiple of dead,
without remorse to stay,
due course.

A blinded Mind by design,
burned the "Notice" of intuition,
recording finds clouds disturbing,
knotted enticement of,
a ghost that shows the fine type of hose.

Computers Hold-a-Keep

The search an engine,
know refrain,
tells of anything pre-arranged.
censored content sites erase,
those deleted no-longer race.


Theories Ramp-Up,
Conspirators Rave of hidden plays,
Posts are Saved to prove these days,
because its said,
'The Lie' betrays.

Thousands-Millions dollars take,
belief becomes a paid-off faith,
the People say it is their way,
"The Time, too Late, the Government placates."

Camera's show shots are made,
photographs become a living grave,
it is the negative without a frame.

Control established laws of change,
taking 'Something' makes Men deranged,
the Country's hem is it's shame.

Shut-off warnings,
scoffed at words,
that alert to what is heard,
sentences form not absurd,
Freedom mistaken,
 as it was taken.

Discretion a Door,
slammed-shut from lore,
Cause it Said,
":< prove-it >:"

It became a boiling Tame,
as if this Nation a Country knot named,
where Thoughts, Ideas and Independence reigned,
made such Boarders,
only blame.

An Ocean of Knowledge,
lost to sane,
enveloped no Ear,
the screams so clear.

The land of Milk & Honey,
radio clear,
took the Notice without the Veer.


The kettle marked a copper-pot,
the Type of Boil heated 'So-Well'
the stove-topped turf upon this Earth,
became the gaseous brains that only drained.

The boil slow,
the Voice ladled,
"Wow!! That's HOT."

Frogs Wrought

Jumping back to get-off sought,
Sights-of Now,
cause to gasp,
speech was silenced people grabbed.

Society Wrap,

Animals died and then came back,
it seems the 'Ice' had chilled disease,
the glacier melts increased the Sees,
exposing choice and knot bent knees.

Mind-Blowing breeze,
created a tease,
as few took notice,
Felt the 'Heed'