Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ruined Life

It's Mine!

With the torn down self-esteem
The destroyed child's dream
The loveless marriages
I will not redeem
I make a solid sound

Standing with my dignity
I never waiver long
My strength is my song
The lyrics are my life
I'm sorry for the strife

A ruined life is what it is
I never questioned this
Why do you insist
That I must measure this?

My life is my own
Ruined and at home
I build from what is left
Be it sticks or be it stones
I've always been alone

To share or to speak
On subjects that may creep
Inside your soul and mind
Proves that it is time
To never give it up

It's Mine!

Time Will Tell

Wicked is back!
Get the rack.
Find the cross!
Bare my weight tonight.

Nightmares come down the walk.
Tick! Talk!

As the clock bell tolls,
I prepare,
for night time hauls.
Will I survive this? Crap!

I am the one!
The kid that will never go back.
Watch out I will ruin you,
I am evil too.

I hate all your sexual desires,
your orgies and you're liars!
Do you still do that?
Pictures prove even the simple facts.

Death Sings

Must I see what upsets me?
My father? My brother? Bother my mind.
It is no recent discovery of mine.
All I know is that I was smothered.
I tried to go but I froze.

Looking upon your body is wrong!
Yelling and screaming over my head.
That is when I realized I was dead.
Blanket stares were not so long,
as I watched death pick-me up wrong!

I was not there to hear his song.

Jumping back I realized,
I had not feet to land upon.
In seconds flat, I did come back,
my breath I held, just to gasp!

The next time happened with regular instance.
My brother so angry, his eyes were glass.
Terror does reach a new and heightened path.
I can't read! I can't help myself.

I cry in silence, they can't hear.
Without yourself noise deafens.
To walk through your death,
becomes nothing more than light to me.

Sadness, terror and fright sank in,
deep within my cells.
My body, heart and soul don't need,
for sight became encompassing.

It set within my mind,
it tailed me from behind,
No Help! No Love!
No Peace! No Dream!

My life was over but not yet done.
The torture had really only just begun.
No one would know my empty home,
my soul, my heart, doth roam!

To give away so it never strayed,
was best to do that day.
I gave to one while hiding from,
the people claiming rights.

It was so easy,
to see the pleasing,
of Entity's not known.

Off I'd go, at every show,
of Father and the like.
It's proven now, that blood lines hold,
the evil and the known.
So break your ties!
Stand up for rights!
Pleasure is not here.

For after-life, when death doth know,
your name and not your fight.
Don't cry to me,
 'cause mystery is known.

You better be accountable,
for more than just your own.
Otherwise, you'll just tell lies,
and truth will be unknown.

Pain Runs Deep

Within my body soul,
I go the course.

Overwhelmingly hurt!
I strain to get air.

Smothered by lies,
covered by secrets.

I cannot even dare
to stand without judgement.

I stare!!

Know Lies

The past is our lesson,
The present our teacher,
Future is an adventure!

Learn by our lessons.
Receive the education.
Change the future.

Happiness lies in our hearts.
Explore the depths.
Shine a light into your cave.
Know that hope will spring from the hands
that sew your tomorrows!!