Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brutal Bearings

Define the words in obsolete,
a dictionary sound,
producing trend to remind,
that breaking is abound.

Determined writes in balanced ply,
advantage is to line,
the trappings of the find in writ,
the verse to be a sign.

Lost to ages not understood,
the dazed confusion brings a hood,
the cloak of comprehension,
belongs to whom delivers stood.

Contract to the pass in stance,
a verbal connection to enhance,
what is said inspite of can't,
painted colors to remand. 

Carefully brought to pail stop,
the handle is the grip,
to have discounted the worth of lip,
just invited whipped.

Meaning often intensifies set,
describing better in best of kept,
freedom costs a venture skipped,
to educate and not to RIP.

Strengthening Links

Wild nature sets in play,
doubled back to secure the fay,
more than I have been served this trade.

The Battle insured the War,
with service stern,
the shackled will know a turn,
the key is in the pane.

Learned to be the empty hull,
breath to know entoiling,
overtly done every day of strung.

Thoughts to Time a purposeful strain,
walking to the pounding speed,
people prepared enticing breed,
find the title to embrace the streak,
decisions take ability.

I bare down to stand my ground,
the front of nothing new,
born and bred to open stride,
the setting is a global plight.

Enhancement of vitality,
straight ahead to shuffling,
exposure brings the piece to puzzle,
the Pawn becomes the chest of trouble.

The gamble delivered a kind of life,
the one that stored all to Site,
the clique to speak in silent teach,
quietly the gathering folds,
 learned to rote enscrolled.

Win Driven

Ultimate reformation the fondling in adulation,
vista's stand to gorge in plan,
the depth of distance known to cram,
down the climb in the hell of shrine.

Grids are set to guide the channel,
rotation of the wired panel,
despots yearn to burn this bangle,
fire born to bring the Bic.

Nature taught a patient handle,
the grip of what is ample,
views provide a chiseled life,
driven down to rise with Ride!!

Meld Galactic Solar Burst,
the Twin Flame does no rehearse,
powered Venue to sight the Star,
the Moons disguise is mere to tar.

Heave this wait into the trace,
steps are foots to change a rate,
provisions Show the Upper Case,
music plays while words do daze.

Breaking sound to echo bound,
the links are not the chains in sink,
brought by challenge developed language,
lyricist resonates to electrical sound.  


Sentence speaks to lyrical spreads,
vastly understanding convergence read.

Identify in clarity said,
exposure gifted the difference fed.

Kept to utter in total dread,
sustained the bricked of mortal slick.

Harbored life to breaking clear,
prison barred notes of quired.

Quantify Mountains with Valley grave,
is it digs or erosive trade.

Canyons cave a rivered 'scape,
stanchions pulled a bridged control.

Opposite crofted field mulled,
silting thoughts growing cropped.

Volcanic burst islands cursed,
grounds to spot glacier rock.

Nimble fringes skirts the short,
the brink of breadth cliffed to sport.

Cantilevered Rapports

Solution Pottered Stone

A petition for life itself,
a Place to figure what is dealt,
within the chill of discerning sees,
the state to know more than breathe.

The fountain pens,
the voice of tends,
applied the push to stop the bends.

Past Evolved

 Archaic Cast,
the actioned classed,
to serve in last,
a lingering stash.

 Out to read,
the Oceanus bleed,
purports to be the furthered keyed.

The effort made,
to breach the role,
the depth of Set delivers Toll.

Reality is Humanity stole

The adage of know ifs or butts,
the piece of riddle a Poet's fiddle,
 the bow of what delivered sooth,
an inking see the planned a Sayer.

Puzzled brings to simple themes,
not the every in all these things,
only clicks to cease more stings.

Hoisting amass this blogger paths,
a purpose in a larger task,
this is not singular it is extract.