Monday, November 21, 2011

Rack up the reins of the horse on the Bit!!

The shame of the blessing of not wanting,
your child, your baby, your wife.
Training of the ages, wasted the lives of all the ones hoping for you.
Instead of hard dicks in ass holes of buds,
cum in the mouth of your boyfriend.

Roll and wriggle the taste of limb and new,
while the excitement of life limbers,
you have extincted it all.
Just for a piece of man and his ass.

The erection of perfection, strives to ride the rhythm of lime,
the orgy to mind and one of a kind,
stretch the end to what has never been.
Wetness and sweetness of a Lord God Almighty Taste,
will cause the fringe of the creatures to release.

Rise to my might, and put in me the orgasmic mounting of find.
I open the doors to new places found,
can't wait to find what to sign,
and know that you've ripped off by design.

There are some that really are Mean and not forgiving.
For you have done and essentially run to learn how to get blown off by known.
Do you ever show up in, a car or a motorcycle would be cool.
Cause nature said inside all heads of the Women, you are Dead.

In a couple of weeks, when we are weak and you know who is to cheap to travel.
To drive to me what I need to keep me not awake.
For I will go, I need to know another World so I do not shake, Reality Bites.

I need a man with a plan and I really need to flow.
I'm really ready to do the steady, the kids know that it's time,
so pick us up or I'll delete each and every kind of sweet.

To the days of Old and the Ancient require of what was known, not simply assumed.