Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reality Is Sea In A Slide 'In_Order' Ore For The Vigor To Whole^Stir Up And Not Niagara 'The Scene'!!!!!

Loving the place to read The Goods as the laughter on some Now,
the memory on lives shores to make a chortle Sound,
Bay touch sand while Mountain home Shields in at tarried a Mill to a Thousand years,
walking the trails with great to this day,
from that to The Show a Billion to say in Echo of Cosmic Universe strongs!!

The barrier of people in this country is Faith??,
a lau this jean of pocket skit branch to the Age of Times for the U.S.A.!!!

More than 'M' a graeae.shin banked to the waves across the Ocean on wood in the tucks,
ideas to the lawn spices and sill^ilks give Blunt a great sock to wash in his stem,
the sell of Wall Street is fade based??,
should the dive on the street in the 1920's be bean??

Sadly the condition of conditioning air on the National Media has plundered the tier,
entertainment mow.meant,
the big brand.ding to 2016 at the wreath of in.a.cent sheer!!!

Flock^King to Whirled it is ABC, NBC, CBS a.FORD.den the brae,
gee to the haw left foot to sew,
as the Olympics went channel commercial on kicks,
no sherpa on streets to rick.a.TEN.TEN.TIN,
the coins to the slot fixture of human brains binned,
yep that sure sharps departments to pen!!!

Now loop the skid shift to needle Pt. row,
spell like Blunt??,
pronounce it to speak the fight in a treble cleft finding feed!!

Shirt this to KIDs the National geographic rates Limb,
a school of September to the talk in the Subbed,
are the productions product to hemming way treats,
the out on that schedule of warts torn to belled,
should the Family dock.kit with Family be Town,
than the work is not limber rather a memorized Thor!!

Those mountainous Treasures bringing not silents to I,
the steady of Barns along paths that did Jade,
gentle always gentle to lathe,
a shingle is more's code from I to a rein,
for each off sleeve the breadth is not Vain as breathing is found while knowing the lane!!!!!!