Monday, October 10, 2011

Discernment Clears

Reading Minds, the Ancient Way.
With the freedom of my birth.
Can you hear? Or, do you see?
The Evil of your Deed.

Lost inside, the Halls of Minds,
left behind for say, "..........."
I caught you clear and if you near,
my life not as a friend;
the penalty's severe.

Believe you do, tell you may?
What holds you to the truth?
Who will judge? Women say,
"The Men they just won't; Due!"

A coded speech, with thoughts you know.
The elastic of one's rue.
They lie to you and say what's clearly:
by no mistake; so bad.

Invite you to a Lad.

Perversing minds with strong blood lines,
you know this carries through.
Control yourself, you might be stealth.
A fool they think of you.

The "Speed of Thought"
mine's not bought,
I pave the way for; Phew!
Concrete is good, but minds are soft,
and easily disturbed.

Where is Planet Earth?

I don't like Monopoly,
a game with peoples lives.
So, watch your move and know your worth,
before you shut your eyes.

To put it plainly. Or, is it, to be blunt

My heart doth yearn the years,
whilst, my life reflects the pain.
I turn to know my fears
and face what is not here.

The screams of other days,
ring through, to know the Dead.
A Life of others means,
I know, "They're only red."

A crime from another time.
Does strength me: Closeness truth,
but, all I can confess,
is thinking 'bout you; Stress!

I know your sweet release.
I cannot know your bed,
for real life instead,
requires what "I said."

Romantic moments know!?!
You'll just have to go,
roll me into whim,
where I don't have to swim.

Now, come my "Dear" knew "Friend,
I fall for you again.
I know this is no sin,
I've known it from the Begin!!

Purity in dance.
Around the word "Romance."
The World is so unnerved,
and, all I do is blur.

A joining in the mix?
I cannot know its true.
All I really know,
is that you're hot, you must know this too.

To somewhere else instead.
I'll keep it in my head.
Excitement will cause dread.
The World seems so big.

I flirt to know my needs,
its healthy, not unclean.
To do what's natural and what's not insane,
while watching what doth drain.

If every Man could be so cool;
I love their butts, yours is cut, its true.
Immortal you must be.
In "He" I see my need.

Who needs a Fantasy?
Over what? I'm still not sure,
they seem to need a dream.

Magic and not god.
Approved with just a nod,
by whom? I don't know you but I'm sure,
you have a Sword.

A Knight he is to me:
In Darkness, I can't' see.
Relying on my plea,
he'll never hear this cry.

I know that this rings true.
A Diamond of the Blue.
A sparkling sapphire, just for you,
will show you what to do.

Please, don't know this "Wreck"
I even curse, "High Tech."
Across the Pond, in peaceful pose,
the neutral, I don't bet.

I'm banking on my life,
to cash-in, once or twice.
To Egypt, I will go,
to see the Sphinx, "Hello."