Friday, October 23, 2015

The Balance Beam Of Know Tows Stills A Foot With An Arm Strong

Tack of weather a moving placed,
introduction of reins,
compass method Mirrors,
of land And all the Inch of Mankind.

Heavy are the layers said a Meant,
tiers of fossil States,
through Time the Math on Valleys debt,
Rivers shaking Shoes.

Towards onward roads of solar chose,
the Sun explosive Moons,
disk to ground electric sound,
energy in goes.

An arm at reach width Tide charts,
up on stretch of dawn,
horror rise in often brain of hinge,
doors in whisking thresholds been.

The Compass Of Method Wyrds

Laid in steady rows of words a strange form all on jade,
no hop skid Jac's to ball of stance for From expression reason danced,
grateful in the ever Treat a daily Said brought such Piece,
each Riddle poem as Mars did home such Poets Corn to Station key.

Asking knot of Weather life would In an able Mind,
comb the snare to stop the Fair and Put to Place a Square.

With slow at hurt the pain of years Aye challenge truth the blink,
while eyes of card did shuffle hard those Tears brought hand of Reins.

Carriage 'thought' a brief slide sought the Mow dumb for its Debt,
yet on the Show of To Myself a gift that wrapped It prose.

Like A Saul Ter Works Tie Chi Of Pep Purred Sprites

As the debt of body clothes put sage to clear of read a day,
belly and that brow of the eyes in smiled,
traveling the bell as to state off more than learned a clock,
it is the hands reflections brought of a creek thanks jade.

Mined from carve that rivers bank grew with touch or reins on clay,
each stone a bridge to crossing ridge the built through working pow,
grand in snake the send down Lanes of memory of Oceans glee,
waves that crash the beauty silt of direction that pebbles felt,
stool of sand with brake down jam atop those Mountains why's talk on those hymn a lay in's,
the fill of valley dissipates while land is ever earned!!

Journal thorough Words and Sake for in the life of Sunshine crates,
stars have poured to choice of chore measured tons while walking crumbed,
windows of the sole on speak touching Class of long time Keep,
what price is done to mark the Silks off route of running ringing quilts.

The answer on a quest chin touch to knowing said is of the gut,
skulls with memory to dust the jackets clothes like skin at crutch.

That wrinkle in remember Friend east of West on real bend such narrow lines to speak,
marching spice to drink the rice makes beds of Harvest strong on dice,
no gamble from to send a toast Cheers with glasses for the most,
air oh planes said with grand in grains I love the time on ducks.

Feather light that waterfalls in the Thermal Under Pause to graves beyond the Chisel,
the lakes of blood that drained from grubs for years of spake the bust,
players on the card stock pawn Chess begets a riddle,
this Planet is so full of looms there is no room for fiddlers roof that classic violin.

Should than at Drum of gut be song does In test tend digestions kip,
on that Track of in the loud a horse is healthy for the loud,
its silence that makes the alarm to loud,
for in the stall of work at core the ride is great until it floors,
as put to rest those barns of tell the gates are often central spell.

Walking groats with soaked by lamps the choice control no pet troll row,
 boats just to tug a push,
shipping oyster pearl freight with loaded by the car see meant.

Pole of Ships that boat about the laugh to glacier bays ink Trout,
ladders rung to sing and strum an anchor seams the bender flout,
Pan on Steam a Sauna Frost with extra ice to Poker fish,
the bet of Read to be of bread that circus does example dish.

Took a steam on that keen a sea saw was its special,
turn the staff to legs of laugh that steel on the ever shades,
swamp pen keys to hoe why eased silk chorus worn and ditches kneed,
see done,
breaking face to knows of take to profit on the smashing brake.

The Fare A Lawns Oft Tin A Sawn It

Whoa is this sole desire to Heel the ride of horse to saddle,
thou girth of center belt to harp be thy gut to speak,
in that brush of scours fear does the stones grant tip,
width of bell the skull of sync How is thy charge to swamp?

In tile of feet Sands spoke seat Ocean on the Waves of wall,
skidding through the Times sewn ball Shell the tree be lagoons branch,
creek Up gone to rivers strum Pebbles on the Henge,
porcelain Eyes of brows Raised bye for Tuna lane.

Shallow sentence life on rein Directions compass Quatrain,
is each a lay of quiet state Tell thy Verse in sump or Vein,
paints on shown this coat of bloom In asking trust for Frame,
quest be long dust past thee song leaves Season ought in Crows.

Shackled with a hugging Text I scrabble heard to Vista,
tubs of Troughs the human cost Pricing pants while Albatross`d,
beautiful lens seeing blends from Cent to Scene on bakers hood,
say to piece the boots & Pre-ist that knobs are traveling formal Tides.