Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Tale of Two Lives, the Narcissistic View of a Child

I have been gone from this place called Earth, busy with my own life. I have been in a place where they are not afraid to raise a child alone. Where kindness is compassion. I have been taught, loved and cared for by whom I speak of. They raised me in the crucible of the Dark and understanding of the Evil. I have been trained in the intelligence of that which you cannot see. It is as if you are cold to the other side and do not readily acknowledge its existence anywhere. This makes being here once again, both difficult and disappointing to have happened.

I was taken in after I had been cast out of this place. I was never  shunned or made to feel different even though the differences between all of us were  obvious. Being taught tolerance, understanding and compassion were just a few of the Texts that I was educated in. I was taught that Non-Believers are to be respected and left alone to make their own decisions. I was taught not to condemn for Beliefs of Difference, however I was taught not to be passive when people force their ideas upon my mind and/or conscience.  Standing in honor of oneself is paramount to further yourself on this Earth.

The discovery of spiritual freedom is encouraged so that you may learn to tolerate the harsh reality of forced religions. I was taught about the limited possibilities that this life provides. The agenda of Human Beings is to push upon the layman their convictions of past history of Christ and God.  Reducing the real options we all once had as people of this Universe and citizens of this Galaxy.  As the decades turned the century's, the years were erased and records of other beliefs were burned as heresy. Anything that was contrary to Christianity was condemned to the ages and called Satanic.

Interestingly the laws that have been broken are Universal and carry a permanent sentence in other dimensions.  For each and every offence against humanity there is a penalty that makes death look alive. It is in this permanence that you will find I am well-versed.

The Dark

Being left for others to raise happened early on in this life as I have already mentioned.  Through the severe trauma and the horror of death itself (Now referred to as a near death experience) I split from myself, becoming lost in the halls of the unknown. It took years to become at ease with that which was now raising me. Terrifying to look at, the stories of such beings are real. Although my wish to stay was not questioned, the fright of such terrifying men took some getting use too. As time became what it is meant to be, timeless, I grew comfortable and at home with my new designation of life: death. 

Coldness and Despair

I have been dead since I was 3 years old.  I was killed in the basement of my Mom's home, in San Francisco, California.  I had a man, that I believe to have been my father place a bag over my head.  He held it tight and suffocated me to death, leaving me for dead on the cold cement floor.  I remember the day that this happened as if it is happening as we speak.  It is like the motion picture of the traditional Snuff or the scenario that is written on porn sites.  It is stuck in the fore front of my mind.  I find this disturbing to my psyche.  I can not move on or away from this picture of death in my life.  Never being comforted or made to feel as if my existence mattered to anyone other than the ones who wanted me dead.  I abandoned this place to be with whom I was left to live amongst, the dead or dying, spirits, demons, devils and Satan, himself.  I have returned to give you a brief glimpse of what I have seen and experienced since my departure so many years ago.


I will tell you of a tale that involves the most complex state of mind and being that I have ever experienced.  This place is run with the precision of what countries dream of and dictators wish for.  The cities are so large that you would find yourself in fear before you are turned loose to find your way amongst the lost.  The complications of Death are so difficult to navigate through that your wish for the deliverance of such a book that could be a guide while your alive here, will cause you to salivate, as if I was a juicy steak to ingest for my knowledge of the hereafter.   In between what is, and what will be, is an amount of time that passes that, Time itself, bows out of keeping. 

The despair in these places is not seen, or at least it was not found by me.  I did know it to exist though.  You will be engaging in a lifeless death to get the chance at becoming acceptable to the next everlasting move of the dead.  Life is only an extension of death into a dimension that is being tried for its longevity.  Using you to know how long a body can last in such an environment as this.  The study is growing and in all truth the excitement from below to take over this place is becoming what is called a reality.

Libraries of the Coarse

I was taught and I studied in the Libraries of the oldest beings that you will ever know.  As the years passed I learned to accept my surroundings and began to accept the hectic schedule of studying the languages and texts of Old.  As I began to see more clearly into the past histories of other Civilizations I began to see how much had been lost to ignorance and intolerance.  I grew to understand that it is what is tolerated that survives through Wars of the Celestial kind.  So, in an effort to balance God, I learned that what people have set out to destroy they saved.   The Christian has saved Satan and his entourage or cast of characters to balance the fear they love to impute upon you each day of your life.  As I began to view the old wars, of The Dark Lords, I began to know that our future here is certain,  we will War with the unknown in this life. This is made possible by the graceful move into death, which is where your life really begins to start.  There is no break in between these places; Life and Death.  You are not lost, buried or cremated, for it is your spirit of self that survives as you are or as you perceive yourself to be today.  You do not see yourself as old or wrinkled, fat or thin, you think of yourself as muscled and attractive, this is you, and who you become on the other side. It is still you, just a better version of yourself today, strong, long-lasting, fearless of what will be. This is a concept that you will begin to see and believe in, in this life, if you wish to have a feel for the other side.  For your death is only an invitation to choose a side this time. War is sadly, inevitable.  I choose the dark.

The prevailing winds from the past are blowing your memories and your reality of what you perceive death to be out the window of hate and intolerance for what may be from above.  God has passed. It is time for such an archaic thought of liberty, which is based on your deliverance to witness your impending death, seeking forgiveness for a life of sin in order to pass.  As I began to move into the study of Law,  I was introduced to the laws of the Jungle, of Nature, of Man, of the Dead, of Life and of Death itself.  It has complicated my mind with truth sometimes, and the study of such became very taxing at times. 

From the past I have learned that our future seems certain, but it is also uncertain in so many ways.  It is as if we are threatened by the mindless belief in a godless Universe.  Learning, that the blind belief itself is where  you find the greatest sight of what will be.  Counting on one hand how many times that such drama in War has taken place; caused me concern.  It is the lack of learning and study of past mistakes through both multiple lives or meditation of such, that I find a point of interest, at least for myself.  So much history seems to travel through with us when we are birthed in this place.  To be born with so much and then to turn from what is natural; remembrance. I found that the lack of character with Human Beings was indeed damning.

Remember, that it is what you cannot forget, that will be your total recall of yourself. No matter your adult view of religion or professed belief.  To remember, or to recall past lives, is nothing more than accepting that past lives may have happened, and just maybe, if your lucky, they happened to you.  To open your mind to such a belief is only exhibiting the freedom from within yourself to know that it is your own curiosity that delivers the truth of the matter, not your local religion.  As you begin to invite such a primitive belief (That has been lost to the ages) into your life you will enliven your very core with the excitement that you may have been here before.  As you look around at what you have seen for your entire life,  you will be filled with a new energy or internal excitement of relief.  Life will take on an entire new look and you will feel something amazing from within yourself and it will show to others. As you begin to glow with anticipation of what will be, could be or is, you will shine brighter and brighter with each new passing day.  Drinking in for the first time, colors, sunshine, the moon and the simple grandeur of the earth itself, you will realize that this is the beginning of understanding the end.  A peaceful, comforting thought to your heart and soul to envelope itself in. The excitement from such a moment delivers the temptation to believe in such a thing or an idea. Exhilarating, don't you think?  And that is just the tip of the iceberg. This is an idea of the concept thereof.  Now, just imagine what it is that you do not see or appreciate in your life today.  What is your reality?

Escape the mundane beliefs that religious zealots deliver to you. They restrict the belief in the very thing that you are meant to worship; God.  The God which Religions worship is meant to be a "Being" that is all powerful.  He is meant to be all consuming.  Open your mind to the unbelievable and then believe that he would not have wanted us to be bound by the our fellow man or peer.  To be bound by belief or to be bound by life itself is restrictive to thought and is boring.  If God created you in whole, then he would have known that it is in the questions that we continue to ask ourselves that delivers the most excitement to our lives.  For it is in the answer that is sought that we find continued life or enlightenment of such.  He would not have said to kill such dreams for fear it would steer you wrong.  No! We were born with free will, to discover our own paths, not be told that we must believe one certain way or experience burning in Hell as a punishment.  He is a just and fair God, so they say, not a domineering , damning, threatening and totalitarian being. Or, at least that was what I was taught in the Halls of the Unknown, but of coarse, Satan was the instructor that day, lol.

Forward motion