Saturday, August 15, 2015

The day is fantastic for the Human Race in such A Door that the Sun is shining!!  As the Horizon is beautiful and is also Saturday than Jupiter must be a wonder of Saturn on the heels of Mars!!  Great harbor to enjoy the pier of earth on a weighted ground that I must say that incredible is the breadth of my kind.  To have had the patience to naturally find the nautical compass to breathe in a world full of hatred and despair I provide nothing to the every iota and stand with the freedom of speech to encourage the average person to sing.

Be of the bearings of Nature for Mother Earth had provided such tremble that the vibrations could have been felt long before the freeze of slaughter.  As most organisms cellular structure invites learning and discovery People have chords that throttle reality with 'what if's', 'when', 'where', (and,) in addition to 'why'.

Hard rides tack for the barn appropriate to the riders determination of event.  I am a Three-day Eventer that loves The Horse and had been fortunate enough to receive the training of many technicians at a professional level of instruction.  To be ever so grateful to my mothers wisdom in investing in such an expensive venture, a giant thank you would barely cover the lasting embrace for her decision of the investment itself.

To the future of this world and its depression of character to further the independent in a venue that would have brought further teaching I can only provide a small sorrow to your impending deep lies.  Gossip and turmoil brought into my life the fact that not only am I not wanted, I am also in and have been in the forced isolative existence for many years.  Although I have made true too many attempts to gain a friend it has only been answered by silence and strides that lead to ........  well that is an understanding that I need not entertain any longer.

Former to the ripping off of many of my personal goods I say to the thiefs that I trust you not only enjoyed the theft itself, but, that the Goods were of favor to your lives.  Boat well my friends as holding a persons hand is both rare and of a difficult find.  Should you be fortunate enough to have a loving person in your life today, be kind to yourself and know that it is a short walk to a long skirt on this Troubled earth.

In vestment this country turmoils humanity with political bravado, lies, sweats and provides no real solution to the problems that have plagued us from Overseas.  In that being said the Wars and the indicative course of said effects of the trauma have suffered more than the actual people of the grain, but have proven to be a contagion to the home turf as well.  People everyday pass one another without the care to say hello, smile or show any sort of loving language that would either encourage or show with their body language support that you too are walking difficult paths.  Instead people frown, condemn and throw or shall I say cast their eyes with condemnation, judgement and hatred for the smile you may be brave enough to bear.  Alas the days of hours to minutes of years of work have paid my mind off with the satisfaction of a job well done.  I compliment myself as I like self best and this has proven to be the best path and certainly a path that was chosen for me in light of my past.

To have been judged so harshly throughout the years, to not have had one visitor to my beautiful home in which I now reside with two new Cats, Cheshire Churchill and Lobos Creek, along with Nero I simply say that today is the answer to a life of pain and strife, hard work, determined work and the desire to work things in a calm and structured design to promote the evident letter that I am writing to whomever is interested with the thoroughfare of .......  again no point to expand on said entry, as I have covered much in my blog already.  So to state that the honesty that I have presented to you in my almost daily writes was my success and attempt to put into open forum the pain that so many have been lost too; i.e. loneliness and emptiness, etc., these horrors have been provided freely by society and its need to suffocate the engaged and happy individual that insists there is more to life than trunks.

I am forever thankful to whom has been kind to me for no apparent reason, for with those perfect moments, I found, reason, to work through the difficulties, and continue to encourage myself that trust and engagement of kindness is still in on the table of Mankind, just held by the provisions of whom ..... well again the i.e. is to the above mentioned section of already said. Yet in the evolving shore of my own comprehension of the understanding that I have communicated,  I can freely give only this small measure of my feelings today, the marvel is a factual plain, the salt of my teirs, the candor of self, to the invitation that life is more than what has been thrown to the wolves, for it is in the howling wind, the breeze of the changing seasons, the simplicity of a persons feat that changes all time, the provision to life itself must be jade : Today it is of Exclamation point.

Deep in the Universe of the dark hour of the Matter in a galaxy at the sphere is Blued,
are Not the minutes to that a Seconds degree to In Door to thrush Whistles that floor,
as earth is of Skirt to a waltz on the frame Would not the body hold the Mind to Rack,
connecting to a Shirt or the pant a long breath to In gauge remember the bodily Depth!!

Shower of Twilight to twist in the Gut is the Stomach Digest or the Gossiping Soot,
as that is the Fire of the place to a Limb is that in the Trough of the Flood latter rein,
direction of Nigh to slight of Wrist loc. sands at the Count to prints in a Talk,
ease tacking Self the negate Shun of reese Chocolates christening to kiss the Sweet set.

Variable clatter the Fodder in bread Soar in that Ester to A brave in the Tablet,
course Work on Grid is that Astro Physics etching the Vernacular to Scortch,
than is Too in the all sew of As burr Free stood tanking the Ice to glacier in Hood.

Chance off to Signal green light of slight Consider a bulb and basque in the Flight,
grave Yard to Cemetary the Tomb of a Throat legs inch to footwork in buzz of a Tray`d,
service in bones as the Cross is a cramp churning belt Buckles the X and the planned.

Treat tackle fish instant the Smile Whipping in difference Mart Tured for Sights.

Pillows in pyle the golfer at Club drink^Inn the shed translated to stick in the Sud,
soap pistols Rank with Que Casper ghost movement of bowling Skulls Mal lets lice,
crawl to a grasp the Grip in a bite Snaffle the Neck less and rope the device.

Trank groan of Swallow to Manzanita Parrot,
whom is the Talk curr in the evident Pyte,
scramble Eggs the Mixture in brain,
what due Ewe have butt the Ass on a Vein.

Time Stamped: 7.58 a.m.

A solid Voice to Tack tile ground in the relaxed Environment to bring Tense situation to task,
behind No rather the Farthest round is Global in Shrugged for the Gross inched hugged,
packing taxation in Mind commerce It is the when Upon the ounce of Pounding!!

Hammers that drill to language of the Filled written buy Purchased of the Settle mints,
at that is the Face of only what is lens question Blinking pranced to Mouths of a lid.

Covering to Shall the Oyster shine the sign Did the pearling be String or clams at the Seed?

Course of Jail ore scent of the Lie on branches bisque in Clamber gossip in the Mop,
dirty bucket Lists garaged brooms to Rake nautical temples the Who's between the moo,
sheep ba Ram ba and the Goats look to Welt butter Flies to speak and signed Oh for the Tide.

Chart this with the Ocean Us and brinse`d the Magazine,
writes of Letters lost to Locked measure and Accounts.

Buy the street to Core pour it Island in the small,
apron in the Kit chin a Knows to serve the belt,
sing with the Railroads and lay the lyre Harp,
strung to gut this perks the Cupped grade And miseries hand!!

Trees route to depth in growth the Ring showing rise to Sees,
how is the Nature so full to Town of Caliber in Rite!!,
free Way shown to mere Approach that grass of Wheat in spite,
speaking EASY made the Firm and terra former earth!!

Time Stamped: 6.36 a.m.

Distribute tanked to call shore`d,
a big prism to pot tarries,
age life list with a mouth of Coke cane,
on operate a rotary with paved phone`rs blare!!

Old are worths that tribe too campaign,
with grace act steady 'the study' off stair,
built with cadence a walk once a style,
now the reverb is vibrators miled.

Balance upper trust knowing the journal,
scrape an in tide at low tipped,
an^core a try angle bring ate sewer,
trash is my can`d the pole platter.

Art in muse is merely a fluke,
the hold is the land ding of caused,
by the years of estrangement & dial,
the lung goes to pen And handle a head.

Trick to the trade off little be ride,
ocean of seas And shock is a friend,
movies plight symptoms like milkshakes,
ice cream melts too spoons of a lensed.

Taught to walk far from humans,
feel the flight of users And blocks,
market on corners close for hare,
squash is the mashed with lends in a drawer.

buzz lite year the ram is the sound of the rally at Ort,
in blink to a Fin`d the shark talents a pen,
written in plane english that is the language of the give a ran,
gallop to the trace while the work is only a trait of the reality I have lived.

written yesterday finished today
Time Stamp : 5.28 am


BDSM the requisition Production sports of Cam,
the Tongue is from a Verse the language Works to span,
in grace of understanding the Table folds with Care,
but in this World of dead by speck the Art has shed a Toolers loud!!

Know Men have had the Breadth of Sound no echo Darns the said,
training sincere to many lived ask gracious Nature herd,
tupe came to this Turf and nurse The calm be Scored to failure,
now the horror of leaders dine goes and Waits the hurt.

Talk to Speech the duped and Reach form to rounds in Carved,
brain palm Wind which is the pound Coin centrals Mint to sage,
Ore Ray go Know with Dish to grind moves like bay in lagoons of light,
bulbs of Shade the Titan row dives with Sense to horse!!

Riding paddle the Vibration rattled actual reality Sprouts,
grout of Hosed to Snake in Tree ain't the limber its the pout,
owe Well deep line to Water sign for Much is Much in lake,
sword of Forged times the Ages called this earth to state.

Tride & True the bridle Blue in play to Play the Opera sooth,
ignored from back to Basic fact whom Now has satchel empties??

side buy side that fountain lied and truth shed freeze for sleek,
Usurp`d a spook to Teak the Oak a flower on the Clod,
just at Mow Meant off the Though a Spring bubbled Oils logged,
wake in Swim the See Gulls delved to pigeon of the sake to loved.

Bee's sang bird to Here the sets and fountain Dones are Seal,
sharks foster to the Future knowing of the Rink,
Con ten Number stride Sixteen the Paid and take was Measured cart,
harnessed for the Tour Inn farm presently shakes brigs Alarmed.

Jester court to Law of joked wares of list with Wealthy rick`d,
a pick It fenced with harbor link to that Mat dressed it became the sphinx,
a pyramid bounced this Rust to drank the blood by rest sub limed,
bier to pix the drink of lips At last the Words of Olds and sow.

Written 8/13/2015
Time Stamped:  6.07 p.m

The Hotter Forge

Too Ba the Tau in Knot an Average In Cause,
the ab Sew loot a Verse to  boot is Shoed to Horse in Irons Weld,
ask Rider of the Storm to Wind does breeze be Neet the Send,
quest of Galaxy the Universe Ole hem is Sung to Mothers earthly Trend of Finding missing lens.

Trac that to the Fast of Trot a Post on Up to Stand in bot a Webster by Design,
in define to Vlad the Case of library the Books that treat to Flew,
aunk that Also while World cools the heal to no Gate,
provision is the Class of likely In the Old owned Plate.

Registered with Sense and Moot is Commerce to the Be's,
information Travel journal the Want is formal Pea's,
trans Spelt to Communicate that blunt is Flounder band,
trick to Skeet the Eiffel crete just Ran the arms to pan`d.

In reality the shoulders Wore to pack these Heavy loads as that is life on Speaking rite,
but as the Frill beget that Bell the Ringing is Hymn at scram`d,
for in this Country the USA not one of Mint perked Crave`d,
that remarks to Cents and Tarts as Toast is All in Brand.

My Mother taught Sea of darns to Understand this bull at Pasture tending Clams,
this Oyster in the sand.

No string along to bank this Song for Sing a bit to Truth & Gong,
the Show of Theater the Fixture Movies is used to Scripts of Seams,
at that the Cinema does Stream to Real People that lived the Deem and did the Heave of Tore,
so in the Actor the Singer chlorine its Bleach is 'Soaps' of Door.

In Which Coral is the Reed that Marsh tells Dino Soar,
a Comment learned to Tack the Stern bettering the Spoon & Worm,
fishing Tails the Docks to Harbor a Pier that 39,
dg did the next best thing He provided a Great Hugged dime.

The Word deposit to Envelope that stick of Stamp to Pass ports lope,
stung is Bird to flip the Shirt that Wheres a products Bout,
to read this Conversations Curl is too Know that Minds have Route,
the Tree, the Sun, the Moon, the globe, the Fact that I have Worked it Out!!

Call Om Over The Horror Rise Zen

Nature shores Her beauty by the Waves of Crashing lambs,
the Animals in Shortage the Humans seam the Sole`d,
ask Thy Counter fountain the brain inside the Bot,
is Computer fashion Ore is the Tube a Stood.

Should sky begin to Vapor that Cloud in Amongst the Film,
is Heavy Rein in Preparatory the Absent purchased line,
sands that Cast the Role quest Off to that Beach,
inch within that Grain salts to Oceans lane!!

Gulf sync do that Desert call to Crumbling Came,
did thy blame be Sun dried the Figurine to Conclave,
is preyer in Knees of violet the lily Upping horn,
tote of Brush boxed Difference cause to Creations dime.

Evolution found that Mountain a Cliff in Notes supreme`d,
painting Casper ready to Stipulations alarmed,
in Abbreviation due Names noun to the Verb,
consonant to Adverb did Chanting Make the Urn??

Ashes on the Egg stop at Albatross Island burn,
oil with that Sanging to Tell the Fodder Rigged,
boat touch Hand in Arbor same in Extracts of lived,
too Time in a Bravado religions Can't sir Stick!!

Carrot from the Garden did that Apple slice,
sauce to Orange the Peel sunburnt bye the ripe,
solder is a Ink can trust bold to Courage,
speaking Simple can Door presenting Scent to pig!!

Cow to kow the Toe sign At basic Meet to bull,
calf of that is Deer found and breathe is better shout,
a Moo a long to buffalo The Plains that grass of sweets,
blowing on the heir Waves aid whisper its a kid.

Goat of Ram did that behave to Foal this great divide,
math A mat Ticks mechanic Technical a lid,
skull to fresh Head shoulders The Chest of shield bid,
sold to Hi EST bidder Or reins that Tier a did.

Take that Photo graph Ick & Fish the gold for Priced,
as Wall Street is a Label and Quick is fixed to sites,
web of Enter Net patrol this Spider walking Silk,
jockey on the Rider a Storm with Creeks of Mid!!

Night told that Hour of Clockers shall thy Dance,
at Operation bring Up the dinner on the Out,
fried Green Tow Mate toes the fingers in a Crown`d,
turkey onto Gobbler is Hemingway inn Fig`d!!

The prune blah mush taste potato sigh it is the boiled Onions,
soy Bean to the Amish and crystal grinding Tip,
coffee in the Morning at lunch the Brunch is bridge,
now from the Sourcefulled a rinse to stock a Pi!!

Jasper is a card Game a deck of cakes with biscuits nice,
sugar added Milk tall for Cats that tied,
further More in glass and Cup sew does this Theme go Win,
whether it Wills that down the Life of Watch shows bid.

Time Stamp: 5.54 p.m.